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Year 5 – Setting the Course for Success

Year 5 is a pivotal point in a child’s primary education. Students are expected to act responsibly, take positive actions for their wellbeing and to make informed decisions by asking challenging questions, seeking answers and communicating well. In their studies, students are expected to become more accountable for their personalised learning journeys as they strive for excellence in readiness for Senior School.
These expectations and the pending anticipation of moving to Senior School can be a stressful period in our children’s lives. For these reasons, being well supported and having a safe nurturing environment is especially important during this crucial period. It is an approach that Tranby College embraces, and in support, our Year 5 offering includes:

  • A Wellbeing Program integral to everyday College life and incorporating curriculum from The Resilience Project.
  • Performance and Arts opportunities for creative expression and confidence building.
  • Leadership positions and awards to recognise student achievement and those who are dedicated and committed.
  • Inter-house and Inter-school sporting experiences that facilitate sportsmanship and teamwork.
    Access to academic extension opportunities via our Gifted and Talented Program.
  • Exposure to Senior School students, staff and facilities, familiarising students with their future learning experiences and aiding in a smooth transition from Junior School to Senior School.
  • Personalised Learning Plans, incorporating the student’s specific goals, are developed in collaboration their teachers and parents.
  • Strong application of digital technology across all learning areas to support learning outcomes, where students are provided with a device that is completely supported by our ICT team (in accordance with Cybersafe practices).
  • Exposure to varied programs which include language, co-curricular and design technology opportunities.

By providing strong foundations in Year 5 and continuing this into Year 6, we strive to prepare our students for the best possible introduction to their Senior School years at Tranby. We aim to instil confidence and a sense of excitement and eagerness for our students to commence their journey into Year 7 and beyond.

For more information, or to enrol your child, please contact our Registrar, Justine Robinson on 9523 3123, or email: