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Our Gifted and Talented Program

Academic Extension at Tranby

Open to students in Years 5 to 10, Tranby College’s Gifted and Talented Program challenges and inspires children with exceptional academic ability to extend their knowledge, understanding and application of learning. Working collaboratively across year groups, students will undertake project-based activities and participate in external and internal school based competitions.

Activities undertaken are designed to...

Promote higher-order and critical thinking skills.

Facilitate team and independent working approaches.

Encourage creativity and innovation.

Challenge and develop communication and presentation abilities.

Provide real-life scenarios for academic application.

Stimulate and develop skills in inquiry, analytical and critical thinking.

Program Implementation

Students in the Junior School are timetabled together for two lessons per week, while Senior School students meet up to four times per week. Learning areas include English, Maths, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Engineering.

During the year, students participate in a variety of lesson formats that assess their collaboration, team work, innovation and creativity. Students create an exhibition which is held in Term Four of the work they have completed. All students are closely monitored to evaluate each participant’s academic progress and social development.

Entry into the Program

Program entry is selective, and numbers are limited. Eligible students will be identified and invited to participate based on their academic performance, and if their demonstrated aptitudes and abilities show them to be significantly beyond what might be expected for their age. All eligible students will be required to sit an AGAT test which assesses their skills in three areas: Verbal, Numerical and Abstract reasoning.