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Arts in the Senior School

Encouraging Creative Expression

Creativity and expression through the Arts is an integral part of Tranby’s offering. It contributes to student wellbeing, ensuring each student has a well-round educational experience. Through electives and Pathway course selections, students are offered their choice of Visual Arts, Dance, Drama and Media. In these classes, they can explore both practice and theory, develop their skills, curiosity and confidence, as well as an appreciation of others work.   

Visual Arts

From Years 7 to 10, Visual Arts students focus on developing and refining their art making skills. Creative and artistic passion is stimulated across mediums that include drawing, painting, printmaking and mixed media where students also learn art and design terminology. Expanding on their creative skills and the ability to analyse and understand art, an examination of specific artists and art movements is undertaken.

Complementary to our classroom experiences, students can get involved with:

  • Set design for College productions,
  • Collaborations with local artists,
  • Art excursions,
  • School and community exhibitions, and
  • Community competitions.

In Years 11 and 12, students can opt to undertake a Visual Arts ATAR or Visual Arts General.


Students with an interest in, and passion for dance, are encouraged to challenge themselves, striving to reach their full potential, in every lesson. Using a wide range of creative processes, such as improvisation and the use of choreographic elements, students develop and present ideas in a variety of genres, styles and form. Building technique, strength, flexibility and coordination, every student also studies a diverse theoretical component. This includes dance terminology, safe dance practises, understanding health issues related to dance, exploring experiential anatomy and evolving self-reflection and analytical responses to dance works.

All Dance students perform in College performances, and ATAR Dance is offered to Year 11 and 12 students wishing to pursue a career in Dance or complete further study at Tertiary level at institutes such as the WA Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA).


Drama provides an outlet for imagination and individuality whilst building student confidence and their understanding of the world around them. The Drama classroom is a lively and artistic environment, allowing students to explore their creativity and turn their innovative ideas into theatre for performance. Students create, perform, design and produce Drama works in various forms and styles. Through performance opportunities, and the application of subject specific skills, conventions and terminology, students develop an appreciation for their own work and that of their peers. As students progress in their senior years, skills, knowledge and experience is built setting them up in preparation for ATAR or General streams in Years 11 and 12.


Media Production and Analysis prepares students for their future in a digital and interconnected world by providing the skills, knowledge and understanding to tell their own stories and interpret the stories of others. As users and creators of media products, students consider the important role of audiences and their context. They explore different filming techniques, creating documentaries, art films, advertisements and short creative expressions that provide interpretation and reflection on contemporary life. They also experience photography, multimedia presentation, online and print media and the diverse world of advertising, with Senior School students encouraged to enter their work into local and national competitions.