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Creating Well Beings

A Whole-of-School Approach

Good emotional, mental and physical wellbeing is essential for students to thrive in their learning. It helps students to function positively, while taking on life’s challenges and experiencing a connection with others. To support student wellbeing, Tranby adopts a whole-of-school approach; from Junior School to Senior School, our teaching staff actively help and guide students through their everyday challenges. And, when greater assistance is required, our Specialist Wellbeing Care Team and College Leadership Team are on hand to work with students and their families to address and resolve problems.

Wellbeing in Action

In the early years, our Junior School staff focus on building self-esteem in our students. This helps the students to feel valued and capable, giving them the confidence to try new things and build friendships. As they progress through the Junior School, we support our students in dealing with setbacks and challenges, guiding them to learn compassion, to build their resilience and to be aware of seeking help when it is needed.

For our Senior School students, more direct support is offered through our Mentor and Heads of House systems. Working with other teachers and students, they help manage emotions, encourage positive relationships, support interests, and monitor personalised learning goal progress. Should students encounter issues, the Mentor acts as a first port of call for support, calling on the Heads of House or a Specialist Wellbeing Care Team member as required.

Specialist Wellbeing Care Team

College Counsellor

Available to every student, and working in collaboration with families, our College Counsellor can provide guidance and support across a variety of issues including anxiety and panic, depression, sleep disorders, trauma, cyber safety and much more.

College Psychologist

Our registered psychologist is available to support staff and students with case management, psychological assessment and intervention, research, program development, policy and process creation, and the sourcing of vital funding.

College Chaplain

Whether it be a passing chat, or regular engagement, our College Chaplain guides and counsels students on spiritual and life matters.

Wellbeing Officer

A responder to any first aid medical emergency, our Wellbeing Officer also provides empathy and encouragement, and supports the overall emotional wellbeing of students.