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Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Tranby College, an independent co-educational College of the Uniting Church located in the heart of Baldivis. Our campus fosters positive learning opportunities for children from Childcare to Year 12 facilitating seamless transitions between different stages of learning.

At Tranby College, we believe in upholding the values of Respect, Integrity, Service, Commitment and Collaboration. We create an inclusive environment where diversity is celebrated and differences are welcomed.

By embracing our values, we create a nurturing and empowering environment where students can thrive academically, socially and emotionally.

Through our personalised approach to education, it is our mission is to understand each child individually and nurture their abilities.

We are dedicated to supporting, inspiring, and encouraging every student, providing opportunities to learn, explore new talents, passions, and interests.

Above all, we deeply care about the wellbeing and development of each child.

We embrace a research-informed approach to student wellbeing, recognising its crucial role in their personal growth.

Our philosophy of wellbeing is supported by evidence-based practices that enhance student overall wellbeing. 

Through our dedicated classroom teachers and mentors, we provide daily support and guidance tailored to your child’s needs. We prioritise holistic wellbeing, recognising the interconnectedness of emotional, social, and physical aspects of development and academic achievement.

We have an enduring commitment to our Strategic Mission, Vision and Values and we invite you to join our learning community, where our values are not only taught but lived each day.

It is our personal approach, at all levels, that results in happy and fulfilled children. Tranby College is a school that connects and inspires, fosters imagination and innovation, creativity, passion and purpose.

I encourage you to take the time to visit the College for yourself.

Please call us on 9524 2424 to schedule a visit. 

You’ll experience first-hand how we prepare our students for a bright future.

Ms Emily Goforth


Tranby students, parents, guardians and staff at the Senior School Revealed 2023 event.

2023 Marketing Photoshoot-7 - Copy