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Our Junior School

A Personalised Approach to Learning

At Tranby College, our students are at the heart of everything, and our approach to learning and wellbeing adapts to cater for their diverse and changing needs. We recognise that children can be competent, capable and resourceful learners. And, with the right environment, tools, guidance and learning methods, we can help increase their ability to learn throughout their lives. It is why our Personalised Learning approach is so important. It helps ensure we fulfil each child’s potential, setting them up for future success.

Parent Involvement

We believe that collaboration, co-operation and communication between parents, students and teachers is essential for the successful learning of all children. We encourage parents and guardians to actively participate in their child’s learning through in-class opportunities, parent evenings, three-way conferences, learning journeys, assessment portfolios and semester reports. Parents are also welcome to arrange time to meet with staff to discuss any issues or concerns.

Learning Phases

Our focus in Kindy is to develop a sense of curiosity, interest and enjoyment for learning.

Utilising a play-based environment that incorporates classroom routines and structures, our approach recognises each child as an individual, guiding their learning journey based on interests and needs.

In these formative years, the skills of negotiation, resilience and empathy are modelled and encouraged.

Playful learning and researched-based programs are used to help meet benchmarks and expectations. Specialist teaching from Pre-primary (to Year 6) includes: Indonesian, Art, Music, and Physical Education.
Building on the skills and processes developed in earlier years, students transition towards being independent, resilient and self-directed learners. They accept more responsibilities and begin to appreciate different points of view. They also develop their ability to work collaboratively through planned and meaningful activities that require sustained focus, interaction and decision-making.

In Year 4, students attend their first outdoor camp, building skills in self-resilience, problem-solving and independence.
We encourage students to take considered risks and strive for excellence in all aspects of their education. They are expected to be positive role models and have the opportunity to undertake leadership roles. Independence and interdependence continue to be fostered and encouraged, and students develop a greater responsibility for organising and managing themselves and their learning. From Year 5, students also have the opportunity to join our Gifted and Talent Program which offers academic enrichment and extension.

A Breadth of Opportunities

Children in the Junior School are provided with extensive opportunities to develop their creative, intellectual, sporting, artistic and cultural talents. With regular activities across a range of learning areas, Tranby students are challenged by a breadth of experiences that stimulate their thinking, curiosity and imagination.