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Parking and Traffic Flow Guidelines

Keeping Students and Families Safe

To ensure safety for everyone, Tranby College encourages families and visitors to be patient and courteous, and to always follow the rules when driving on College grounds. The College offers two ‘Kiss & Drop’ zones to facilitate a convenient and efficient system of drop-off and pick-up, along with a number of car parks for parents, staff and students.

At all times, a 5km/h speed limit must be adhered to.

kiss & drop and parent parking

You can Kiss-n-Drop your child in either the Tranby Drive car park, or the shared car park on Arpenteur Drive (located just before the Tranby Drive roundabout). As shown below, both car parks have designated parking bays for families and visitors.

When using the Kiss & Drop zones please: 

  • Enter via the left-hand entry point.
  • Drive in the left lane only.
  • Do not park in the Kiss & Drop zone prior to 3:20pm.
  • Move to an allocated parking bay if you have been waiting more than 3 minutes.
  • Never leave your vehicle unattended.

When parking in the Tranby Drive car park, please:

  • Turn immediately right to park in the main parking area.
  • Use the right lane of the Kiss & Drop zone to drive straight through to Childcare parking.
  • Do not park in the ‘Staff only’ parking area or in the roundabout area near Childcare (this is for emergency vehicles).

student and staff parking

The car parks on Clyde Street and to the left of the main College Reception are designated for students and staff only. Any student wishing to park at the College must apply for a parking permit (available from the College Reception). Once processed, a parking bay number will be issued for that student.


Visitors to the College may park in front of the main College Reception, or in either car park on Tranby Drive and Arpenteur Drive.

Abiding by the Rules

The Principal reserves the right to refuse entry to any driver who does not abide by the below rules, or whom she believes directly or indirectly impacts the safety of anyone in our College community.

ALL DRIVERS attending the College must:

  1. Adhere to the 5km/h speed limit.
  2. Give way to pedestrians.
  3. Adhere to the ONE-WAY traffic flow signage.
  4. Use the Kiss & Drop zones when dropping off or collecting children from their vehicle.
  5. Only park in a designated parking bay or area.
  6. Obey the directions of any staff member or parking official as appointed by the College.
  7. Never leave their vehicle unattended in a Kiss & Drop zone.
  8. Move their vehicle to an allocated parking area if they have waited more than 3 minutes in a Kiss & Drop zone.
  9. Not drop off or collect students from College Reception, UNLESS they are being signed in/out for an appointment OR if they need to attend the College Reception.
  10. Not stop or park their vehicles on or adjacent to a ‘NO STANDING’ sign.
  11. Not park either wholly or partially on ANY footpath.
  12. Not drive their vehicle in a wilful manner that is inherently dangerous (include speeding), or considered to be dangerous to any person.


  1. Ensure they use footpaths and cross walks.
  2. Move directly through and across the car park to minimise any impact on traffic flow.
  3. Ensure children are walking on roads and in the carpark for the least amount of time as possible.
  4. Accompany children walking through car parks. (They are not permitted on their own.)

Please note: You can only pick up during school hours (8.45am and 2.45pm) from either the College Reception on Arpenteur Drive or by arrangement, from the Tranby Drive carpark.