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Junior School Music

Developing Music Skills

Music is an important part of the Junior School at Tranby College. All students are involved in making music both individually and collaboratively. At every year level, students are encouraged to sing, learn songs and percussion pieces, and develop their skills for learning a musical instrument.

Throughout their time in the Junior School, students build theory knowledge, develop their aural skills and learn to read music notation. We encourage them to be creative through movement, composition and improvisation. They create their own music using melodic and rhythmic instruments on GarageBand on their iPads. Students are also treated to a number of music incursions and excursions that are varied and matched to current needs. 

Learning an Instrument

Students from Year 3 upwards learn an instrument as part of the Music program at Tranby College. In Year 3, they learn to play the violin.  In Years 5 & 6 students will be exposed to a variety of instruments including the ukulele, guitar, keyboard, djembes (African hand drums) and drum kit.  Students with a strong ability on an instrument may also be invited to join the Junior School Band.


In Junior School, students may also choose to learn guitar, drums, piano, voice, violin, clarinet, flute, saxophone or trumpet with a private tutor at the College. From Pre-primary to Year 3, students may only choose from piano or violin. However from Year 4 onwards, the other instruments also become available. When students reach Senior School, there are even more instruments on offer. Instrumental concerts are held each year for students to share their learning and to provide performance opportunities. Students also have the opportunity to perform at assembly. 


There are two Choirs in the Junior School, for Years 1 to 3 and Years 4 to 6, both of which are open to any student who loves to sing. There is also a Junior School Violin Ensemble for students in Years 4 to 6 who are learning to play the violin. Both Choirs and the Violin Ensemble perform at assemblies and major whole-of-school events.