Tranby Physical Education & Sport 2017

Tranby College takes part in a variety of competitions across the school year.

In 2017 Tranby with continue to expand the opportunities that we offer to students throughout our Physical Education & Sport programs and our co-curricular activities.

Tranby competes as part of the ACC competition and does so in Swimming, Cross Country & Athletics.

In addition to all of the above Tranby is also part of the Rockingham Kwinana Associated Schools sporting competition, which takes place through all terms. This gives students the opportunity from Year 7-10 to play in Basketball, Netball, Cricket and Soccer competitions against local schools.

Physical Education & Sport Staff

Mr Troy Mollica
Head of Physical Education

Mrs Nicola Lewis
7 - 12 Physical & Health Education

Mr Patrick Moore
7-10 Physical Education

Miss Bree White
PP - 6 Physical Education