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SEQTA engage.

Does this conversation sound familiar…

“What homework have you got today?” – None
“What did you do in class today?” – Not much
“How did you go in that Chemistry test?” – Fine

We know that one of the most important factors in ensuring a students’ success at school is the level of parent involvement and support. This can be difficult, particularly as our children get older. It is not about parents needing to necessarily have the answers but it is about them showing they are interested and care about their son’s or daughter’s learning.

SEQTA engage is the College’s Parent Portal for ALL Parents, allowing parents to log into the College’s learning management system (SEQTA) and view their son’s or daughter’s academic results and course.

Drawing from the data entered by teachers in their normal, day-by-day work, parents can access academic results, lesson outlines and online lessons, school notices and other school documents.

Now, staying connected to your child’s learning is just a click away.