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27th March 2024 (Week 9 Term 1)

Important Dates

28th March – Final Day of Term 1

16th April – Term 2 Commences

17th-19th April – Year 7 ELP Camp – Group 1

22nd-24th April – Year 7 ELP Camp – Group 2

24th April – Year 12 Basketball Competition

25th April – Anzac Day Public Holiday

2nd-4th May – The Addams Family Production

7th-10th May – Year 8 ELP Camp

From the Principal

Ms Emily Goforth

As Term 1 draws to a close, I want to discuss the critical role that student and parent voice plays in shaping our educational community. At Tranby we believe that education is a collaborative journey, where everyone’s input matters. It is important that we explore why student and parent voice is essential and how it enriches our learning environment.

What Is Student Voice?

Student voice goes beyond merely “having a say.” It’s about actively participating in decision-making processes that impact the College. When students share their perspectives, opinions, and ideas, they contribute to a vibrant and inclusive learning environment. Where possible, student voices guide our policies, curriculum, and overall school experience.

Why Does Student Voice Matter?

Ownership and Empowerment: When students have a say in their education, they feel a sense of ownership. They become active participants, not passive recipients. Empowered students are more engaged and motivated to learn.
Relevance and Meaning: Student input ensures that our teaching methods, activities, and assessments align with their needs and interests. Learning becomes more relevant and meaningful.
Holistic Development: By listening to students, we address their social, emotional, and academic needs. Their holistic development becomes our priority.

Parent Voice: A Vital Component

Parents, you are our partners in this journey. Your insights, concerns, and suggestions are invaluable. Here’s why your voice matters:
Advocacy: When you advocate for your child’s needs, you ensure their voice is heard. Your active participation empowers students and celebrates their individuality.
Collaboration: Education is a joint effort. By collaborating with teachers and administrators, you create a supportive network. Together, we can nurture student success.
Shared Understanding: Effective communication fosters understanding. When parents and educators listen to each other, we create a common language that benefits our students.

So, what is the College doing to facilitate student and parent voice?

As most of you would be aware, the College provides leadership opportunities for students in both the Junior and Senior School. These groups work to represent different areas of the College in developing and guiding opportunities, running events and being an avenue for student concerns.

Additionally, the College seeks focus groups with differing ideas to participate in feedback sessions. An exemplar of this is where at the beginning of Term 2, we are specifically investigating the swimming carnivals and ways of making it an even better event for all students.

In terms of parent avenues for discussion about student progress and College experience, the College offers a number of avenues. As you may already be aware, the College is hosting Strategic Planning Workshops once a term for the remainder of the year. Additionally, more informal Coffee Mornings are being hosted to offer the opportunity for parents to come and discuss their experience and child’s experience with Tranby College. When needed, focused workshops occur to discuss a specific issue in depth, based on student and parent feedback.

Additionally, it is really important to remember to contact your child’s teacher when you have questions. The teachers are here to help and guide your child’s learning and experience at the College.

The prestart meetings and 3-way conferences provide dedicated time for parents and students to engage with members of the teaching staff to further student development.

To date this year, I have been privileged to have had great parent attendance at two Coffee Mornings and two Strategic Planning Workshops. These have been exceptionally informative and provided much food for thought. I would like to extend my thanks to those that have attended.

I encourage you all to attend meetings and coffee mornings, when possible, to help guide our college to even greater heights. We are always looking for ways to increase student and parent voice and have more opportunities that will be made available across the year. Stay tuned for more information!

A reminder of the dates for the remainder of the year are listed below. Please note the addition of a Coffee Morning on site specifically to discuss childcare provisions at the College.

Coffee with the Principal (no need to RSVP)


  • Friday 19th April – College Lounge from 7:00am – 9:30am (Childcare and OSHC focus)
  • Wednesday 22nd May – Steel Tree, Baldivis from 8:00am – 10:00am
  • Friday 7th June – Brother of Mine, Baldivis from 7:00am – 9:30am


  • Wednesday 14th August – Steel Tree, Baldivis from 8:00am – 10:00am
  • Friday 6th September – Brother of Mine, Baldivis from 7:00am – 9:30am


  • Wednesday 30th October – Steel Tree, Baldivis from 8:00am – 10:00am
  • Friday 15th November – Brother of Mine, Baldivis from 7:00am – 9:30am

Strategic Planning Parent Workshops (Please RSVP to )

Term 2: Thursday 9th May from 9:00am – 10:30am and again 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Term 3: Monday 2nd September from 9:00am – 10:30am and again 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Term 4: Tuesday 12th November from 9:00am – 10:30am and again 6:00pm – 7:30pm

I hope you all get to enjoy some time of rest and reflection over the Easter long weekend, and I wish our students a wonderful break. I cannot wait to see their achievements in Term 2!


Deputy Principal

Mr Anthony Britza

Interim Reports: A New Lens on Learning

Our new-look Interim Reports are now on Family Lounge in TASS. They offer insights into students’ learning attitudes and are designed to spark constructive conversations at home. Here’s how to make the most of them:

  • Set Goals for Term 2: Use the insights as a foundation to establish achievable objectives for the coming term.
  • Guidance for Senior Students: For those in Years 10 to 12, these reports are invaluable. They offer clear direction on the areas that need attention to ensure preparedness for the Semester 1Examinations, Externally Set Tasks, and upcoming project work.
  • Year 10 Subject Choices: For our Year 10 students, this is a pivotal moment to ponder future academic paths, especially concerning ATAR, UniReady or a VET program. It’s a time to assess if the effort being put in now aligns with the aspirations for Year 11 and beyond.

NAPLAN 2024: A Collective Success

This year’s completion of the NAPLAN assessments is a significant achievement for our students, made possible by the dedication of our staff. A heartfelt thank you to Mrs Stacey, Mrs Ryan, Ms Richards, Mrs Roberts, Mrs Smart, Mr Viviers, Mrs Case, and Ms Ribeiro for their invaluable support. Our IT Team – Mr Jupp, Mr Cieslak, Mr Dredge, and Mr Badani – ensuring that our systems ran smoothly, playing a crucial role in this success.

NAPLAN is a snapshot, offering insights that are instrumental in tailoring our teaching to better support each student’s development in literacy and numeracy. This assessment is a tool, among others, that helps us identify areas where we can provide targeted support, ensuring every student can achieve their best.

Easter Wishes and Looking Ahead

As Easter approaches, I wish you all a safe and joyful holiday. It’s a time to recharge, spend time with loved ones, and prepare for another term of learning and growth.

Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to our community. Here’s to a restful break and an enthusiastic start to the next term!


Head of Senior School

Ms michelle ribeiro

As we step into another vibrant week here in the Senior School, there are several important events and activities on the horizon that we would like to highlight for your attention.

First and foremost, we want to remind you that the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) tests for our Year 7 and Year 9 students have been taking place this week and will continue on Tuesday with the final one, which is Numeracy. Students have had a positive approach to these tests, and they provide valuable feedback for both students and educators to support academic growth.

In addition to NAPLAN, our students across all year groups are actively engaged in various assessment tasks tailored to their curriculum. These tasks serve as checkpoints to monitor individual progress and understanding of the subjects they are studying. We encourage parents to engage with their children regarding their assessment tasks, offering support and guidance where needed to ensure their success.

Excitement is brewing as our Year 9/10 High Performance cricketers gear up for the upcoming cricket camp and Big Bash competition in Bunbury next week. These camps and competitions provide a wonderful opportunity for students to hone their cricketing skills, learn teamwork, and foster a love for the sport. We extend our best wishes to all participants and hope they have a fantastic time refining their cricketing prowess.

Mark your calendars for Monday 18th March, as Tranby participates in the much anticipated ACC Swimming Carnival. This event promises to be a day filled with exhilarating races, fierce competition, and a celebration of sportsmanship. We wish our talented swimmers all the best as they represent the College.

As always, we are committed to providing our students with enriching experiences both inside and outside the classroom. We thank you for your continued support and involvement in the Tranby community.


Deputy Head of Senior School

Mrs Sally Case

Term 2 and 3 Winter Uniform

The Uniform Shop is open on Wednesday 10th April from 8am -1pm for you to purchase any winter uniforms you may need. A reminder that Year 10-12 students are required to wear a Tie and Blazer for Terms 2 and 3.

Seizing opportunities

On the 26th March I had the pleasure of attending the graduation of two of our Year 10 students from the KIC iSCIENCE Project. The students had worked with many students from other schools over a three week period to learn more about STEM careers in the local area. They chose to seize the opportunities offered, and new experiences, connections and insights were their reward.

There are a lot of opportunities offered to students at Tranby College. Every opportunity can be seen as a chance for personal growth and as an invitation to learn, develop new skills and expand horizons.

Seizing these opportunities can provide a ripple effect when others are also inspired to try new things. This is always witnessed at House events, when a student steps out of their comfort zone to represent their House. The ripple effect is massive and from that one act, the underdogs can become winners!

Sometimes opportunities may appear from unexpected sources, and these may provide surprising outcomes. There are students currently rehearsing for their first musical production, learning a new language, or trying a new sport. Each student has been prepared to take on a new challenge and I am sure they are finding their journey enjoyable.

Next term, I hope that all students seize the opportunities on offer, even if they may seem challenging at the start, and fully embrace their personal journey.

Have a safe and happy Easter.


Head of Junior School

Mrs Cheryl Taylor

As we head into the Easter holiday break, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support. It has been a very busy term and the students have been involved in a variety of activities both in and out of the classroom.

The Year 5 Camp, held at Busselton last week was a wonderful experience. When I welcomed the staff and students back on Friday afternoon it was obvious that although exhausted, the excitement of those who attended was still evident. Camps are a huge undertaking, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff for their commitment and care of each individual student. The staff attending were extremely positive about the experience, but I know a good night’s sleep was sure to be a top priority when they got home. A special thank you to Mrs Barber for ensuring every activity was well planned and organised, so everything ran smoothly. In addition, our very clever Mr Viviers spent time creating a snapshot video for the students and families to enjoy, please open this VIDEO LINK to view it. I am sure you will appreciate the work that has gone into producing the video and that it will provide some wonderful memories for the children.

Next term, I will be away on Long Service Leave. During this time, Mr Ben Viviers will be the Acting Head of Junior School. I know Mr Viviers will do a wonderful job in my absence and I look forward to catching up on all the Junior School news on my return.

I wish all our Tranby families a lovely Easter and holiday break and a positive start to Term 2.


Deputy Head of Junior School

Mr Ben Viviers

As we approach the end of a busy Term 1, it is a pleasure to reflect on the wonderful achievements and events that have taken place within our school community. Our students have truly excelled both on and off the court, showcasing their talents, sportsmanship, and unity throughout the past week.

IPSHA Basketball Carnival

The IPSHA Year 6 Basketball Carnival held in Willetton on Thursday 21st March, was a fantastic display of skill and teamwork. Our students put in a remarkable effort with the girls achieving a clean sweep of victories and the boys winning 7 out of 8 games. The students’ dedication and sportsmanship were truly commendable, and they represented our school with pride and resilience.

Harmony Week and Year 2 Assembly

The Junior School dressed up in orange in support of Harmony Week, making for an extremely colourful assembly on Friday 22nd March. This was another beautiful celebration of diversity and unity within our school community. Our Year 2 students led the assembly with grace and talent, putting on mesmerising performances that highlighted the rich cultural tapestry of our school. It was heart-warming to see our students coming together to celebrate their differences and embrace the values of harmony and inclusion.

We also acknowledged the individual Swimming Champions from the Inter-house Carnival which took place on Friday 16th February. On the day of the carnival, we announced the Spirit Bear ‘SPUD’; this was awarded to Bilu House for their relentless vocal support, and Budjar was awarded the Shield for their performance in the pool.

Congratulations once again to both Houses and the individual champions and runners-up, who are listed below:

Year 3 Girls – Champion – Mia McCleod (Marra), Runner Up – Zaliah McGovern (Bil) and Savannah Green (Karla)
Year 3 Boys – Champion – Benjamin Grant (Bilu), Runner Up – Austin Suckling (Budjar)

Year 4 Girls – Champion – Matilda Brumby (Marra), Runner Up – Elodie Gillam (Budjar)

Year 4 Boys – Champion – Heath Roche (Budjar), Runner Up – Oliver Bennett (Bilu)

Year 5 Girls – Champion – Stella Conrad (Budjar), Runner Up – Alliya Chandler (Budjar)

Year 5 Boys – Champion – Flynn Schmid (Karla), Runner Up – Seth Gabriel (Budjar)

Year 6 Girls – Champion – Zoe Wallace (Bilu), Runner Up – Ruby Blitz (Marra) and Georgia Robertson (Budjar)

Year 6 Boys – Champion – Devon Gillam (Budjar), Runner Up – Hunter Suckling (Budjar)

Events like the IPSHA Basketball Carnival, Harmony Week, Inter-house Carnivals, Cohort assemblies and the Year 6 camp in Busselton this week, not only showcase the talents of our students and staff but also reinforce the values of teamwork, respect, and diversity that we hold dear at our school. We are incredibly proud of all our students for their hard work, sportsmanship, and commitment to creating a welcoming and inclusive community.

As we look forward to the well-deserved break ahead, let’s carry the spirit of Easter, unity, and celebration with us, knowing that together, we can achieve great things. Thank you to all students, staff, and parents for your continued support and dedication. Wishing everyone safe travels during this Easter long weekend, a restful and enjoyable break holiday.

We look forward to more successes and memorable moments in the term ahead.

God bless.


Have Sum Fun Competition

The Have Sum Fun Competition stands as a testament to the joy of mathematics, encapsulated in a quiz-night format that ignites the minds of young students. In this cerebral arena, teams comprising up to six students from Years 9 and 10 engage in a thrilling race against time, tackling four rounds of eight intricate problems each.

On the evening of Friday 15th March, Rossmoyne College became the battleground for this intellectual pursuit. Among the competitors were three valiant Year 10 students, who embraced the challenge enthusiastically. The event was marked by a vibrant atmosphere where several teams vied for mathematical supremacy.

Our students, fuelled by curiosity, determination, and snacks like chocolate and Doritos, diligently delved into the problems. Their performance was not just about solving problems but also about embracing the spirit of learning and competition. Their participation in such a prestigious competition is commendable, and they have done themselves proud with their spirited effort and bravery.

Mr Palumbo


The Arts

This term has been a wonderful start to the year for the Arts students at Tranby College, with plenty of curricular and co-curricular activities to be involved in.

The Year 11-12 Drama students went to see ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’ performed by the Drama Education students at ECU. The performance was an amazing example of many different techniques we use in drama, and it was great to see them put it into practice. As well as this, ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’ is one of our set texts this year, so being able to see the play live, allowed us to have an idea of what it could look like prior to learning and performing the text ourselves.

The ATAR Dance and Drama students went to see the ‘Performing Arts Perspectives’, a performance of all the highest scoring practical performances in Dance, Drama, and Music from 2023. This was an incredible chance to take note of things that examiners enjoy watching and the excellent standard at which these pieces are presented. It also helped us brainstorm some ideas for our own practical examinations as well as being a fun night out. Year 11 student, Rachel Algie, said “It was a really good evening to watch ATAR level students perform dance qualities for me to try out and put into my own work.”

The Year 11 and 12 Media students also benefitted from viewing the ‘Media Perspectives’ showcase at the Mandurah Reading Cinema, an example of works from 2023 which received 85% or above. Mr Armstrong, our Media teacher, says “It was a great opportunity for students to see the high-quality possibilities of Western Australian Media student work. All students left inspired in some way for their production tasks.”

And Visual Arts are not left behind! The KIC Youth Arts Awards is an exhibition of student artwork from schools in the Kwinana Industries Council partnership. The Exhibition opens Thursday 28th March – Monday 15th April from 9am – 4pm daily at the Gary Holland Community Centre, Rockingham. Awards are given out on opening night to students in various categories. Student artwork from Tranby College that will be at the event include pieces from Hannah Awang (Year 12), Georgia Jackson (Year 12), Bevan Hackett (Year 11), Kobi Turvey (Year 11) and Jamie Morris (Year 10). Good luck to these students.

Year 12 Arts Captain, Isobel Radclyffe-Smith


Buy your tickets to 'The Addams Family'

The Senior School Production is creeping up quickly!

Coming to The Tranby College Chapel Theatre from Thursday 2nd to Saturday 4th May is the spooktacular musical, ‘The Addams Family’.

Student dancers, singers, and actors from Years 7 to 12 have been rehearsing madly to prepare a wonderful show, with Visual Arts students creating behind the scenes, and the Rock Band getting ready for some pre-show entertainment too.

Make sure you book now so you don’t miss out – Buy tickets – The Addams Family.

World's Greatest Shave

The World’s Greatest Shave took place at lunch time on Wednesday 20th March.

Congratulations to all the students and staff that participated in this Service-Learning event and well done to Miss Kat and the team.

Donations can still be made to raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation. Please open the following link to the fundraising page: Tranby Titans.


High Performance Cricket Program


Congratulations to our Year 9/10 Cricket Team on their impressive victory in the Bunbury Big Bash last week, which is a Year 10 Specialist Cricket Schools T20 competition. We qualified second after the 5 pool matches and then secured a thrilling win in the Grand Final against Kent Street Senior High School. Bowling first, we restricted Kent Street to 83 runs before chasing down the target, 8 down with 2 balls to spare.

Winning the T20 Big Bash competition for the second time, especially against the same opponent we faced in 2019, adds an extra layer of excitement.


2025 Kindy Enrolments

This is a friendly reminder to our Tranby families to get your Kindy applications in now, as places for 2025 are filling fast.

Please contact our Registrar Justine Robertson on 9523 3123 if you have any questions.


This is a friendly reminder to our Tranby families to get your Kindy applications in now, as places for 2025 are filling fast.

Please contact our Registrar Justine Robertson on 9523 3123 if you have any questions.


Harmony Day in Kindy

On Thursday 21st March, the Kindergarten students celebrated Harmony Day. The children wore orange and brought in a plate of special food from their family’s culture. We learnt how to say “hello” in different languages and talked about how we are all special and unique.


Junior School Art

2024 Shaun Tan Award of Young Artists

Visual Art Holiday Creativity

Keen students may wish to work on a piece during the school holidays for submission into the 2024 Shaun Tan Award for Young Artists. The work needs to be of a very high standard as thousands of pieces are entered every year. 

Only one submission per child is allowed, so please let your Art teacher know if you are submitting an entry. Entries close: Monday 20th May 2024.

For more information, please go to the following website: Shaun Tan Award.


Year 2 Assembly

The Year 2s were very excited to host the Junior School Assembly during Harmony Week. Students shared their global connections, sang the ‘Colours of Australia’ song, and shared a poem about Harmony. They spoke confidently into the microphone and should be very proud of themselves.

H is for being helpful and kind.
A is for appreciating our differences.
R is for respecting the cultures and ideas of others.
M is for making new friends.
O is for opportunities for everyone.
N is for noticing the needs of people around us.
Y is for you and me together.

Beau – I felt over excited because we have been practising a lot!
Jasmine – I felt proud because I needed to sing and talk in front of the whole school.
David – I felt happy because Mum, Dad and Grandad saw me on stage.


Pre-primary and Year 4 Harmony Day

In celebration of Harmony Day, the Year 4’s visited Pre-primary and spent a fun afternoon completing digital technology activities together. It was a fantastic leadership opportunity for our Year 4’s as they worked with their Pre-primary buddy to teach them how to use Seesaw and complete a Harmony Day activity together.

Here are some reflections from the experience:

  • I really enjoyed seeing my Pre-primary student Jack, learn how to take a selfie. He got all smiley and excited! Oliver Year 4
  • I enjoyed getting to see the cute Pre-primary’s and getting to teach them how to use Seesaw. Milly Year 4
  • My favourite part was completing the Harmony Day activity which talked about ‘who is your friend and why that person is a good friend’. We also got to take a photo at the end! Ava Year 4
  • I liked doing the games on Seesaw and seeing my best friend, Isla! Charlotte PP

Student Achievements

Isaac Vincent, in Year 4 plays soccer for the Baldivis Under 10s. Isaac and his team won the Victoria Park Trophy last weekend; the team coming first in a knock-out competition to kick off their season. He is dedicated to playing soccer, and attends training several times a week to be the best he can. Playing soccer gives Isaac confidence in mixing with others, as well as enabling him to learn to be part of a team and act on instructions from his coaches.

ADF Afternoon Tea

Last Thursday the Defence School Mentor, Miss Kat, held an ADF afternoon tea to create connections and welcome new families to the school community. It was a lovely catch up, where both parents and children enjoyed the food and sunshine together.


Murdoch University After School Programs

The Murdoch University After School Program in Mathematics and Physical Sciences provides classes in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. For 2023 Term 1 we also have a Study Skills class running.

Each subject runs for 2 hours each week from 4:30pm to 6:30pm starting the second week of school term. Students are welcome to attend 1 to 3 times a week depending on their interests.

Please see the attached flyer for: