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COVID-19 Update

Update: 18 October 2022


Further to the removal of COVID-19 mandatory isolation periods on Friday 1thth October, we have been working closely with AISWA and the Department of Health to determine what the changes mean for you and your child/children as we learn to live with COVID-19. Please note the following details and guidelines:
Anyone who is unwell is encouraged to take a RAT and stay home until symptoms resolve. (Please contact the College if your child is absent due to illness.)
People who test positive for COVID-19, are encouraged to:

  • stay home until symptoms resolve, and
  • register their positive RAT with the Department of Health.

Anyone who is a close contact is encouraged to:

  • test daily for 5 days,
  • only attend school following a negative RAT result, and
  • wear a mask during this time.

Students and staff can wear a mask at College if they choose to do so.
Please note:

  • COVID-19 positive cases and close contacts cannot visit public hospitals for 7 days.
  • When on work placements and work experience, students are expected to adhere to the requirements of that workplace.
  • The College has a supply of RAT kits and families are welcome to collect them from either Junior School or Senior School Reception. 


Update: 12 October 2022

Mandatory isolation requirements. 

It was agreed at National Cabinet that COVID-19 mandatory isolation requirements will be removed from Friday 14th October.
Until that time, current settings remain in place and any students on work placement or work experience, and staff who visit these students, will be required to follow any public health restrictions, testing and isolation protocols applicable to their work placement site.
Whilst restrictions are easing, I would like to remind parents that a child who is unwell (in any way) should be kept home to protect their health and wellbeing, and that of their peers and teachers. All of us have an important role to play in supporting a healthy community by following the advice outlined on

Update: 23 May 2022

COVID-19 Close Contacts Update.

With recent changes to isolation mandates, the requirements around reporting have changed. As a result, we are no longer required to advise families of class cohorts when cases have been identified. Whilst this is the case, we will continue to publish key information regarding COVID-19 and the related safety requirements on our College website.

Update: 16 May 2022

Changes in Response to Rising COVID-19 Cases.

The following measures and requests come into effect as of tomorrow, Tuesday 17th May. The purpose of these changes is to minimise the risk of infection, ensure we have adequate staffing and that we can facilitate a continued education for students who may be required to study at home due to isolation measures.  

Mask Wearing – Staff and Students
• All Tranby Staff have been asked to resume mask wearing indoors when teaching or working with others in close proximity.
• We are encouraging all students from Year 3 upwards to resume mask wearing indoors.
NOTE: The wearing of masks is made as a request and is not a mandate (except in accordance with close contact rules). We respect each individual’s decision regarding this matter.

Protocols Around Being Sick/Unwell
• If your child is unwell, please do not send them to school. Any student who is unwell, or who presents with cold-like symptoms, will be removed from class and parents will be called to collect them immediately.
• If your child has tested positive for COVID-19, they must immediately isolate and guidelines should be followed for siblings and other family members.

Pupil Free Day – 17th June
• We are implementing a whole-of-school pupil free day on Friday 17th June.
• This day will be used for lesson planning and report writing, allowing staff essential time to plan for both in-class and at-home learning scenarios.

Teaching and Assessments – Senior School
• Students who are at home, either unwell, or through isolation will be provided an option to learn through SEQTA with teachers communicating through Teams as required. (Arrangements will be made in consultation with the affected students.)
• Where a student has been impacted by COVID/ill health, staff will endeavour to facilitate additional time for catch-up of work.

Limit External Events/Activities
• External excursions and/or activities that involve large numbers of students interacting with other schools/external parties to be minimised.

Cross Country – Friday 20th May
• This event will proceed. We have plans in place that separate cohorts for their races.
• If you are attending, we ask that you please spread out as much as possible and adhere to COVID-safe practices. Thank you.

Update: 29 April 2022

Public health and social measures eased

The State Government has announced that public health and social measures will be eased from 12.01am Friday 29th April (details at

For schools, these changes are:

  • masks are no longer mandatory at school except for in specific settings and circumstances. Any student or staff member that wishes to still wear a mask may do so, and masks are encouraged for staff and students where physical distancing is not possible.
  • density and capacity limits no longer apply to school activities.
  • asymptomatic close contacts are no longer required to isolate.

If your child becomes an asymptomatic close contact, due to a person in your household being COVID-19 positive, they will no longer have to isolate for 7 days. They will be required to:

  • do a daily Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) and receive a negative result each day to attend school.
  • wear a mask at school.

All College activities can resume, and we will continue to follow COVID-19 safe measures:

  • all staff and regular workers (including regular volunteers) at school are double dose vaccinated (third dose vaccinated within one month of being eligible).
  • adequate ventilation in each classroom, in line with health advice.
  • enhanced cleaning remains in place.

If your child becomes symptomatic, they should stay home and be tested for COVID-19. Refer to for information on close contact definition, testing, and isolation requirements. You should notify the College if your child tests positive for COVID-19.

As a College, we are eager to reinstate as many activities as possible to our calendar. Thank you for your patience in this process and for your continued efforts in keeping Tranby College COVID-19 safe.

Update: 22 April 2022

Easing of Restrictions – Term 2

In line with the latest health advice, Tranby College is adopting an ease on restrictions, from Term 2, as follows:

  • Single year-group assemblies can be held in accordance with mask wearing requirements;
  • Parents/Guardians are allowed on campus for:
    • face-to-face parent-teacher meetings (by appointment only),
    • attending year group assemblies,
    • volunteering in roles outside of classrooms e.g. canteen, and uniform shop
    • attending infrequent special events (in line with community venue capacity and density limits);
      • Any Parent/Guardian attending the College must wear a mask and physically distancing where possible.
      • Parents/Guardians are not allowed inside classrooms.
  • Excursions can proceed.
  • School camps can resume, however, due to booking limitations, rearrangements and restructuring of the camps may occur. The College will provide further information as it becomes available.

In line with the new government regulations, contact tracing will no longer be occurring in schools. However, Tranby will continue to notify parent cohorts should a student return a positive test for COVID-19. Please ensure that the College is informed should your child return a positive test for COVID-19, in addition to following government guidelines.

We will endeavour to keep you informed of further updates during the Term.

Update: 16 March 2022

Updates to FAMILY Close Contact Requirements AND TESTING

Please see below for two important updates regarding families and testing:

1. If one of my children tested positive for COVID-19 and my second child tested positive later, do we need to start our isolation again?

If a second person tests positive while the family is completing 7 days of isolation, you do not need to start the 7 days of isolation again. The family members who are close contacts only need to complete one 7-day isolation period. The second family member who tests positive will need to start their 7-day isolation period from the time they tested positive.

If a second person tests positive several weeks after the family have completed their first 7 days of isolation, the family will need to complete another 7 days isolation. However, anyone that was previously a positive case does not need to isolate again provided it is not more than 8 weeks from when they were released from isolation and they are not immunocompromised or symptomatic. A person who has had COVID-19 is not considered a close contact for 8 weeks after they have been released from isolation.

2. Updates to type of testing required:

A positive rapid antigen test (RAT) is sufficient for diagnosis of a confirmed case of COVID-19 in a student or teacher of a school.

For further information, please refer to the WA Health Testing and Isolation Guide.

The WA Health Frequently Asked Questions page has also been updated to reflect these changes. 

Update: 10 March 2022

Changes to student close contact rules

As of 12.01am, Thursday 10 March, the State Government announced that Western Australia has moved to the classification of ‘very high caseload settings’.

Under the very high caseload setting, students who are asymptomatic close contacts (other than those who are household close contacts) may now:

  • continue to attend the College;
  • attend before school care or after school care;
  • attend school-based sporting or cultural training, practice, or events organised through the College and held immediately before or after school at the College; and
  • travel between the student’s usual place of residence and the College.

At all other times, asymptomatic close contacts should quarantine for seven days and get tested. As with other close contacts, children who are identified as close contacts should be tested on Day 1 and Day 6 (if a PCR test) or 7 (if a RAT).

These arrangements do not apply to children who are ‘household close contacts’ or who are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms. (In these instances, students will need to stay home and follow isolation and testing protocols.)

A definition of the following is provided at the end of this email:

  • Close contacts
  • An asymptomatic person
  • Household close contact

As always, our priority is to continue face-to-face learning and to follow the latest WA Health Advice. If your child is required to isolate, we will provide them with learning to do at home. If your child’s teacher is required to isolate, your child may have a different teacher for periods of time. In some cases, we may need to rearrange extra-curricular school activities to ensure our teachers are in classrooms teaching.

For more information on very high caseload protocols, visit

Thank you for your understanding as we take the necessary steps to keep our College safe and open for learning.


1. Close contacts

Students are considered close contacts if they are:

  • A household member or intimate partner of a person with COVID-19 who has had contact with them during their infectious period; or
  • Someone who has had close personal interaction with a person with COVID-19 during their infectious period, including:
    • At least 15 minutes face to face contact where a mask was not worn by the exposed person and the person with COVID-19; or
    • Greater than two hours within a small room or a classroom environment with a person with COVID-19 during their infectious period, where masks have been removed for this period by the exposed person and the person with COVID-19 (note: others wearing masks in this scenario would not be a  close contact); or
  • Someone who is directed by WA Health that they are a close contact.

2. Asymptomatic person

An asymptomatic person means they have no COVID-19 symptoms. Detailed information on COVID-19 symptoms are provided in this link.

3. Household close contact

If a member of your household is COVID-19 positive, then the whole household are deemed household close contacts and the testing and isolation protocols apply. If your child is unwell, they should stay at home and get tested.

Update: 8 March 2022

CONFIRMING Contact protocols

As the number of COVID-19 cases are increasing in our community, we have been asked to confirm what steps the College will take in advising students, families and staff when a confirmed COVID-19 case is reported to the College. In accordance with directives and recommendations from the Department of Health and AISWA, the College is adopting the following protocols:

  • Year cohorts and close contacts of a known COVID-19 case that attended the College during the infectious period will be contacted.
  • Close contacts are defined as someone who has had close personal interaction with a person with COVID-19 during their infectious period. Specifically:
    • That have had at least 15 minutes face to face contact where a mask was not worn by the exposed person and the person with COVID-19; or
    • Greater than two hours within a small room with a case during their infectious period, where masks have been removed for this period by the exposed person and the person with COVID-19 (note: others wearing masks in this scenario would not be a contact); or
    • Someone who is directed by WA Health that they are a close contact.
  • When reaching out to close contacts, the College will advise the known dates of the infectious period and instruct contacts to follow the Testing and Isolation Protocols as detailed on the HealthyWA website.
  • Contact will be made via phone call or Direqt Message.

The College will not make contact:

  • If the case is ‘rumoured’ (i.e. not confirmed).
  • If the infectious period fell outside of College days/hours.
  • With the wider community (i.e. if the student or staff member is not deemed to be a close contact, or they are in a different Year group).

Update: 24 February 2022

Clubs and activities cancelled

In line with the approach of other schools, with immediate effect, and for the remainder of Term 1, we are postposing and/or changing activities and events where students from mixed year groups come together and/or go out into our community.

Specific details are as follows: 

1.  Co-curricular Clubs and Activities  

  • Unfortunately, all clubs are cancelled for Term 1 in their current format.  Please note – we are investigating ways to restructure what is available so that we may be able to offer some options by year group. This will not be a like-for-like offering but may provide some opportunities. 
  • Impacted events include Cadets, Surfing, Ricky Grace Basketball and all Junior School before school, after school, and lunchtime activities. 

2.  Madagascar Jnr 

  • Rehearsals are cancelled with immediate effect, and the production will be postponed until further notice. 
  • Given the energy and effort that has been invested to-date, we are investigating the possibility of undertaking some bespoke drama activities in individual year group cohorts. 

3.  Junior School Inter-house Swimming Carnival 

  • This event is postponed. 
  • We did investigate the possibility of running the event by year group, but the logistics (time required to and from the venue) and the staffing requirements, were not feasible. 
  • We hope to reschedule for Term 4.  

4.  Junior School Play Areas 

  • The use of outside play areas will be rotated amongst Junior School students to avoid co-mingling of year groups. 
  • As much as possible, we will ensure that children use a variety of areas across the week. 

5.  School Excursions 

  • Planned excursions during school hours are postponed for Term 1 and will be rescheduled, subject to availability later in the year. 

6.  Senior School HPE Uniforms

  • HPE Uniform is now permitted in Senior School on days where students have Physical Education classes. In addition, House shirts are to be worn with HPE uniform on Wednesdays until end of term to allow inclusion in the House Sport competition (an Inter-house sports competition where House cohorts within their year group compete in a variety of sports). 

Invariably many of these changes are going to be met with extreme disappointment for some students and families. Please know that we are disappointed too. We understand the importance of extra-curricular activities in the support of positive student wellbeing and physical health. This is not something we want to lose and so our very best efforts are being employed to plan and execute alternatives. When these plans are finalised, we will update you with details.  

Update 2: 23 February 2022

close contact isolation and testing 

Regarding the positive COVID-19 case in the Year 5 cohort as identified yesterday:

  •  The student attended the College from the 16th to the 18th of February 2022 while infectious.

  • All students and staff who were in a Year 5 class, or attended Friday’s surfing activity, at the same time as the case are deemed to be a close contact by WA Health and should get tested immediately and quarantine for 7 days from exposure.

The following key dates apply for all impacted students and staff identified above:

  • Date by which a (final) PCR test must be undertaken: Thursday 24 February 2022
  • End of quarantine date and time: Friday 25 February 2022, at 4:00pm

These students and staff can return to the College on Monday 28 February 2022 provided they have not developed any symptoms, and have returned either a negative PCR on day 6 or RAT on or after day 7. If students or staff are unwell, they should stay home until symptoms clear. 

COVID-19 PCR can be accessed at a COVID Clinic. A list of clinics can be found here:

If you have queries or concerns, please contact  the coronavirus (COVID-19) information helpline on 13 COVID (13 26843).

Update 1: 23 February 2022

deep cleaning update

As a precautionary measure, deep cleaning was undertaken last night to the following areas:

  • The whole of the Year 3-6 block,
  • Toilets, and
  • Impacted specialists rooms.

Update 2: 22 February 2022

y3-6 students requested to wear masks

In response to the increasing numbers of cases in WA and the news that we have a positive COVID-19 case in our community, we would like to request that all Years 3 to 6 students wear masks whilst attending the College.

We are asking this for the health and wellbeing of all students and staff. Wearing a mask is important, not only to prevent infection, but also to ensure students have the best chance of continuing face-to-face learning if someone in their classroom tests positive for COVID-19.

We ask that, from Thursday24th February, you please ensure your child attends College with a mask that fits securely around the face and is designed to be worn over the nose and mouth. Please also ensure they have a spare mask with them at school. Single-use and reusable cloth masks are both suitable. Please ensure they are clean and fit for purpose. We understand that this will be a new experience for our younger students and so accommodations will be made, and help given, to students who need time to adjust.

Update 1: 22 February 2022

COVID-19 Case – Yr 5 student 

A Year 5 Tranby College student has tested positive for COVID-19.  For the ongoing safety of students and staff, and in accordance with direction from AISWA, all close contacts of the student (students and staff) were asked to isolate and await further instruction from the Health Department.

In the meantime, please note the following advice for all families and staff:

  • The school remains open.
  • Wearing a mask is important, not only to prevent infection, but also to ensure our students have the best chance of continuing face-to-face learning if someone in their classroom tests positive for COVID-19.
  • As for everyone in Western Australia, we ask that you monitor your child/yourself for symptoms of COVID-19. If symptoms develop, please get tested and isolate until you receive a negative result.
  • Please note that the Omicron strain can present with less typical symptoms such as diarrhoea, particularly in children.

Whilst managing the above, the College is beginning to activate our contingency plans for online learning for impacted students. We will be in touch with families to share details of these plans, including instruction on how students can access learning from home.

As you are experiencing yourselves, the situation managing COVID-19 is continually changing and evolving. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to manage the directives we are being given and, in undertaking the requirements to ensure continued learning whilst keeping our community safe.

Update: 15 February 2022


As a result of a recent government directive, we are postponing the planned Year 5 Camp which was due to take place in March. The camp will now be planned for Term 4 and we will update you with details closer to the time.

Regarding sporting events, you may have heard that all RKAS competitions have been cancelled for Term 1. This is based on a decision made by the organisers, ACC (Associated and Catholic Colleges), and is not because of a government directive. Therefore, this
decision does not impact plans for our upcoming Inter-house Swimming Carnival on Friday 4th March (at Aqua Jetty) and the Inter-school IPSHA Swimming Carnival on Wednesday 16th March (at Wesley College).

Where possible, our position is to continue with events and activities as we believe maintaining a varied program of education is vital for the wellbeing of our students and community. That said, the safety of staff and students is our priority, and we are obliged to adhere to directives. Given this, it is something we will continue to monitor on a weekly basis and provide updates as changes occur.

Update: 8 February 2022

Parents/Guardians no longer allowed in classrooms

In line with new government regulation, it is unfortunate that we have to inform you that Parents and Guardians are no longer permitted to enter classrooms. You are are still welcome to drop off and pick up students from outside their classrooms. When doing so, please wear a mask and adhere to social distancing.

Should you wish to speak with your child’s teacher, please contact them via email or Direqt message. They will reply to your query and set a time to call you should that be required.

Additionally, just a reminder to let the College know if your child is being tested for COVID-19.

Thank you all very much for your support in this evolving space of restrictions.

Update: 7 February 2022


The Chief Health Officer has advised that schools should limit in-school gatherings of students and staff. This is to minimise the number of students or staff impacted by the presence of a positive case. In accordance with this advice, we plan to: 

  • Limit the number of Junior School years involved in assemblies, ensuring students and attending families are well spaced apart. 
  • Suspend all Senior School and whole-of-school assemblies. 
  • Hold group House meetings in outdoor spaces. 
  • Limit the number of school years involved in Chapel services and/or hold them outside. 
  • Limit the number of participants in staff meetings and/or hold meetings online. 

At this stage, whilst is not necessary for us to postpone or cancel infrequent special events, such as interschool carnivals, camps, or school balls, we have made the decision to postpone our planned Community Picnic (originally scheduled for 25th February). (Please note that, for the time-being, our co-curricular activities and arts performances will continue as planned.) 

We take the health and wellbeing of our school community very seriously and will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation within WA to ensure we are making the best possible decisions to minimise impact to our students and families. If your child is unwell, please do not send them to school. Our priority is to have our students at school and for them to be healthy and enjoying all that is available to them. Decisions need to be made in real time and changes to planned events are going to be inevitable. Thank you for your support and understanding with this. We will keep you up to date with decisions as they occur. 

Update: 28 January 2022

Vaccinations | Cleaning | Academic Continuity | Masks | Testing


  • The mandatory vaccination mandate has been adhered to by all staff.
  • Although there is no mandate for children to be vaccinated, some venues, training providers and work experience placements will require evidence of full immunisation via Government approved mechanisms for those students aged 16 years and over. These include major stadiums, gyms and fitness centres, TAFE placements; work experience in industry and care settings, and hospitality venues.
  • We are closely monitoring Government directives and recommendations in relation to students attending external events and activities.
  • For the time-being we intend to continue with planned events and activities, although this will be reviewed on a week-by-week basis.
  • Where events go ahead, relevant year groups and families will be informed of the requirements in advance.

Cleaning and Ventilation

  • High frequency cleaning has been reinstated.
  • All supplies of sanitiser, cleaning products and masks have been refreshed.
  • Ventilation strategies are in place, including the procurement of air purifiers for the College.

Academic Continuity

  • Should the need arise, academic continuity plans are in place that involve the use of technologies in both the Junior and Senior Schools. Staff are prepared and ready to go online if required.
  • Should a student be required to isolate for any reason, accommodation can be made to ensure academic continuity. This will be treated on a case-by-case basis, adapted to the needs of the individual.

Masks (in line with Government regulations) and Sanitisation:

  • Masks need to be worn by all staff and secondary students and on public transport.
  • Primary students in Year 3 onwards are welcome to wear masks if they would like, although there is no mandate for them to do so.
  • Students will be required to supply their own masks.
  • All students will be asked to sanitise their hands on entry to classrooms. (Sanitiser will be provided by the College.)

Illness and COVID-19 Testing:

  • If a child is sick, please do not send them to school.
  • Please ensure you follow state directives and recommendations if anyone in your family has attended an exposure site or been in close contact with someone with COVID-19.
  • If anyone in your family is tested, please do not return to campus until a negative test result has been obtained (in line with Government regulations).
  • Immediately advise the College should a positive COVID-19 test result eventuate.

We understand that this is a time of uncertainty. We are extremely grateful to our committed staff and families who continue to show great flexibility and resilience as we work together to abide by directives and guidelines to contain the spread of this virus. We will endeavour to keep you updated should any significant changes occur. If you have any questions around these requirements, or would like to keep up to date with the situation, we encourage you to monitor the HealthyWA website.l