Strategic Plan Update and Master Plan Workshop

Parents attending a workshop run by Principal, Peggy Mahy


At the end of August and during early September, a number of workshops were held with students, parents and staff. At the workshops, College Principal, Ms Mahy:

  • Presented an update on strategic activities and initiatives, and
  • Sought input into Master Planning for the College.

A summary of what was presented and the outputs of these workshops are detailed below.


Since the launch of the Strategic Plan in 2021, the College has implemented an extensive number of initiatives to support the direction and growth of the College. A summary of key activities is detailed below (although it should be noted that this does not capture everything that has been undertaken).

Learning and Wellbeing

  • Implementation of Personal Education Plans.
  • Restructure of learning processes and systems.
  • Co-curricular programs expanded.
  • Broadened music program and elective offering (return of Woodwork, new elite Cricket Program for 2023).
  • Specialist Wellbeing Team established.
  • Survey data used in decision making.
  • Partnership with Prof. Donna Cross (wellbeing expert from UWA).
  • Review and update of technology (new devices, displays and systems).


  • Staff Professional Learning – enriched and targeted.
  • Professional conversations and reporting.
  • Improved communications and facilitated input into decision making.
  • Principal visibility and care of staff – strong priority.
  • Engagement of students in values and events.
  • Feel Good Fridays and wellbeing initiatives.

Community Engagement

  • More community social events, forums and information sessions undertaken.
  • Stakeholder engagement in Strategic Plan.
  • Regular presence of Principal and Deputy Principal at assemblies and events.
  • Advisory committees established.
  • Implementation of a social media strategy.
  • Closer connection to Junior School Parent Liaisons.

Sustaining our Future

  • Successful completion of registration.
  • Personal Education Plans in development for staff.
  • Increased student retention and enrolments.
  • Campus renovations:
    • Overhaul of Junior School Central Activity Area,
    • Update to Junior School Staff Areas.
  • Master Planning under way:
    • Planning of a new Childcare Centre,
    • Refurbishment of Kindy areas.

Master Planning Workshops – FEEDBACK CAPTURED 

When considering plans for our College and Campus, workshop participants were asked to think about what opportunities and improvements should be considered as part of Master Planning. Below is a summary of the common themes that came through across all groups that met:

Wellbeing and Learning Spaces

  • Design spaces that connect with nature.
  • Provide open spaces for formal, informal and independent learning.
  • Consider air quality, noise and colour.
  • Provide choice in options and style of seating.
  • Encourage a sense of wellbeing for students and staff and provide them with a voice in decision-making.

Personalising Learning Spaces

  • Be intentional about types of furniture – seating options, fabrics, groupings and single desks/spaces.
  • Individualise access and usage of technology.
  • Provide flexible learning areas.
  • Create indoor and outdoor learning and play spaces allow for differentiation and discovery.
  • Allow for student choice, voice and differences.


  • Better places/space for students to eat – maybe even a café?
  • More outdoor seating.
  • Our Childcare Centre and Out of School Hours Care facilities require updating/modernisation. 
  • Our toilets need updating.
  • Landscaping should include fruit trees.
  • Consider a meditation room.
  • Lockers/locker rooms need improvement.
  • Update more classes, adding white board walls.
  • There’s opportunity to extend the Junior School library.


  • Cadets is highly valued and should continue.
  • Co-curricular clubs and activities are in demand – do more!
  • Subject offering has been limited – expand the offering.
  • COVID-19 has impacted clubs and camp opportunities for two years – these were missed. Please do more, ideally for every year group.
  • Whilst COVID-19 impact availability of uniform stock, the rules and standards still need to be applied consistently.
  • The range and quality of food in the canteen could be increased. 

What Happens with the Feedback?

Further to undertaking the workshops, the following has occurred:

  • Consistent feedback (as noted above) has been shared with our architects to consider and adopt as part of the Master Plan development process.
  • The Senior Leadership Team actively reviewed and considered the feedback, making plans to address various opportunities for 2023 and beyond.
  • The number of Senior School subject electives for 2023 has expanded to over 30 opportunities.
  • The College has appointed a new Director of Outdoor Education to oversee and implement an improved offering of experiential learning opportunities and camps in 2023 (and beyond).
  • A new Uniform Guidelines document is in production to better present information pertaining to uniforms. This has been supported with a reinforcement of uniform standards amongst staff.
  • We are in the process of installing digital screens to update the in-class learning facilities in more classes.

Over and above this, the College will shortly be reviewing the data received from the recent MMG survey in order to identify additional priorities and opportunities. An update on survey data responses and further plans will be provided in early Term 1 2023.

Thank you to everyone who contributed towards the workshops and survey.