Uniform Shop

The College Uniform Shop is located on the site of Tranby College: 90 Arpenteur Drive, Baldivis.

This shop is an outlet of Perm-A-Pleat Schoolwear, a Western Australian family business that supplies uniforms to schools throughout Australia.

Please open the following link where you will find the Tranby College Uniform Guidelines with requirements and price list.

Kindy Orientation Day Opening Hours:

Wednesday 3rd November - 9:00am - 12:00noon AND 12:30pm - 4:00pm

Uniform Shop Opening Hours:

Tuesday: 8:00am - 12:00noon

Wednesday: 12:00noon - 4:00pm

Phone:  08 9523 3119

Email:  tranbycollege.uniforms@permapleat.com.au

You can now walk in to purchase Uniforms but Online Orders are still available.

To purchase Uniforms via our Online ordering system, please click on the link; online-ordering.jpg

Should you require a fitting, bookings can be made online, please open the link;online-appointment-logo.jpg

Why are Tranby students required to wear school uniform?

Effective learning should be the focus of all that students do at school. A uniform promotes this focus because it helps to prevent the distractions of fashion from entering life at school.

Uniforms also help to create the safe environment that is needed for learning to flourish. It is not uncommon for adolescent groups to identify themselves through their clothes. A uniform helps to protect schools from the overt influences of such groups.

Similarly a uniform helps a school to be accessible and inclusive. If students are wearing a uniform they are not reflecting the current fads or the amount of money that a family has available to spend on clothes. It makes it easier for all students to be accepted as part of the school community.

Uniforms clearly promote the identity of the College. The colours were selected to reflect the early settlers who came on the Tranby and their farming background. Members of the public often become aware of the school by seeing students in uniform, and students signify their membership of the school through the uniform. Furthermore the uniform can help students to develop a sense of belonging to the school and to have pride in it.

However, the uniform can be as much about individual identity as it is about corporate identity. We believe that individuals are important and that we should listen to what they are saying and pay attention to what they are doing. A uniform helps us to do this because it helps to prevent us from making superficial judgements about a student on the basis of what they are wearing.

Of course it is still true that it is difficult not to make judgements about students on the basis of how they wear the uniform. Students need to learn that if they wish to be taken seriously, they need to take themselves seriously, and that part of the way in which they indicate this is in how they wear the uniform.