The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award and Ignite Award

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The aim of the Award is to provide an enjoyable, challenging and rewarding personal development program, which could take in many aspects of extra-curricular school life. Please open the attached document to view a PDF that is a General Information Presentation put together by The Duke of Ed.

The Award is non-competitive, voluntary and open to all. It demonstrates commitment to various activities over a long period and is a marathon, not a sprint. The idea is to set your own personal goals and then strive to meet them.

The Duke of Ed Award - 14 - 24 Year Olds

Challenging young people to find their purpose, passion and place in the world.

The Award is divided into three levels; depending on your age and experience, you may choose to start with Bronze and work your way up or jump straight to Silver or Gold.

The Award has four Sections; Physical Recreation, Skills, Service, Adventurous Journey with an additional Gold Award Level Section - Gold Residential Project.

The online system for Participants to record and manage their Award (ORB).

Taking part in the Award requires commitment over time but it is simple to get started and you will reap the rewards for your time and effort.

The Award can play a vital role in providing opportunities for young people to develop essential life skills, increase their employability and foster their creativity and innovation.

Ignite Award - 10 - 14 Year Olds

Exciting young people to discover and ignite the passion for learning.

Ignite Award is a challenging program of discovery for young people aged 10 – 14 years and provides a framework to learn valuable skills, be physically active, assist others in the community and experience adventures. It is a great tool for young people to transition into secondary school and fosters positive self-development and leadership skills.

Benefits for young people include: increase self-esteem, increase confidence, develop commitment and responsibility, increase initiative, develop an awareness of the community and a desire to help others and develop a feeling of ownership and engagement in their formal and informal education.

The popularity of the Duke of Ed continues to grow both at Tranby College and worldwide. Participation in the Award as well as completions has grown every year since 1956. Every day, more than 1,600 young people start their Award journey.

Tranby College is an Award Centre

If you would like more detailed information and would like to challenge yourself and sign up to do either of these Awards, please first of all chat with your parents, have a good look at both websites and what they involve, as you will need parent support.

Then come and speak to your two Tranby Award Leaders, Mrs Capewell and Mrs Moller.