The Arts at Tranby

Congratulations to our very talented Art and Woodwork students who won awards at the KIC Youth Art Awards last night.

In these two categories there were seven possible awards that could be won and Tranby students WON FIVE OF THESE AWARDS.

They were chosen as winners from 12 participating schools (this was out of 120 artworks)!

Our winners were:

  • Visual Art Winner - Elyishia Sattell
  • Visual Art Runner Up - Thomas Brown
  • Woodwork & Metalwork Winner - Thomas Pallot
  • KIC Presidents Award Runner Up - Ashleigh Kennis
  • Abbott'solutely Timber Award for Woodwork - Jean-Luc Buonocore

Our other students who were selected for the exhibition and had equally impressive work on display were Olivia Darcy-Naldrett, Ross Bird, Connor Wilson and Ciara Sewell.

Students are introduced to The Arts in a creative and enriched environment that engages the senses.

They experience and explore both practice and theory in incremental degrees of complexity through the years. Students are encouraged to develop their skills and demonstrate commitment to produce arts works of a high standard. Through response, reflection and evaluation they learn to value and appreciate their own and others work.

Verena Smallman
Acting Dean of Arts
Senior School Art Teacher

Kimberley Barlow
Senior School Music Teacher

Tara Oorijtham
Junior School Music Teacher

Louise Hardwick
Senior School Visual Art Teacher

Torryl Blackwell
Senior Drama Teacher

Gillian King
Junior School Art Teacher

Brooke Steele
Junior School Drama Teacher