Sport in the Junior School

In the Junior School the Tranby students get to enjoy a variety of sports. Students are able to compete in various Inter-house and Inter-school sporting carnivals throughout the year.

These include: Swimming, Athletics, Cross Country, Football, Netball and Soccer.

Karla wins the Years 3-6 Inter-house Swimming Carnival

We were all excited when we pulled into Aqua Jetty where the swimming carnival in a week's time would be held. We had to participate in the swimming trials to see what division we would be placed in. After we were placed, we were ready to face the challenges that Friday threw at us.

We were all excited and wanted to know who was going to win the House Shield, Spud, Champion Boy and Girl. We were all anxious and ready for the hot scorching day ahead. We arrived, had a light snack and then walked down to the start of the pool for our first race. Everyone was cheering very loudly for their competitors during their races. Icy poles were a hit, as they cooled us down a little.

As lunch crept closer the heat rose, and we were all ready to have our break. As our teams finished the last races of the day, which were the relays, we were thrilled to find out who had won. They announced that the overall winner was Karla, and Spud belonged to Marra. Well done to all swimmers for putting in their best efforts, and good luck to the students who will be representing Tranby at the upcoming IPSHA Swimming Carnival.  Hayden Wiltshire and Daisy McClements, 6E

The Champions and Runner Ups are:

  • Year 3 Champion Girl: Heidi White & Rivka Napitupulu  / Year 3 Runner Up GirlAva Steward
  • Year 3 Champion Boy: Alexander Vreeken  /   Year 3 Runner Up Boy: Patrick Anderson
  • Year 4 Champion Girl: Niamgh Harrington  /  Year 4 Runner Up Girl: Rahel Napitupulu
  • Year 4 Champion Boy: Troy Rocke  /  Year 4 Runner Up Boy: Lachlan Nunes
  • Year 5 Champion Girl: Lucia Anderson  /   Year 5 Runner Up Girl: Charlotte Vreeken
  • Year 5 Champion Boy:Tyson O'Brien  /  Year 5 Runner Up Boy: Cayden McNally
  • Year 6 Champion Girl:Charlise Orchard  /  Year 6 Runner Up Girl: Katie Brearley & Maiya Cummins
  • Year 6 Champion Boy: Toby Hughes  /  Year 6 Runner Up Boy: Elliott Riley

Champion House:

  • 1st Karla - 2,042 points
  • 2nd - Budjar - 1,918 points
  • 3rd - Bilu - 1,781 points
  • 4th - Marra - 1,664 points

Miss Bree White
PP - 6 Physical Education