Leukaemia Foundation - The World's Greatest Shave

As you know Service is an integral part of who we are at Tranby College. Our Mission Statement defines Service as standing alongside others and being prepared to encourage, support and empower and on Friday 15th March our students fulfilled their commitment to supporting the community by participating in the Leukaemia Foundation World's Greatest Shave.

Students were able to support the cause this year by; colouring, braiding, cutting off a 20cm pony tail or shaving their hair. We even had one very brave male staff member who had his legs waxed!

For Tayah Smallacombe from Year 8, the recent diagnosis of Leukaemia for her young cousin brought these   issues close to home. Tayah, with the support of her family held a 'Sunset Market' and along with receiving online fundraising, she managed to raise $4338.24 for the cause.

The 'Tranby Team' had nine members who shaved their heads; Mallory Dawes-Year 12, Cameron Ravenhill-Year 11, Maya Probert-Year  8,  Lovena Castlemain-Hicks-Year 8, Phoebe Baudians-Year 7, Eamon Belton-Year 7, Liam Smallridge-Year 7, Sean Bullivant-Year 7, plus Chantelle Carr-Year 12 who had her 20cm pony tail cut off in support of the World's Greatest Shave. Jennifer Lyndon-Smith from Year 11 organised a group of students who baked brownies, these were sold during recess, for a gold coin donation. Also a very brave staff member, Jacob Curulli had his legs waxed raising some well earnt money. Overall the 'Tranby Team' raised $9066.45, what a great effort.

Thank you to the hairdressers who generously gave up their time to come down to shave and cut the students hair AND to all of those who supported and donated to this great cause.