Leukaemia Foundation - The World's Greatest Shave

The Leukaemia Foundation has been providing people with personalised and practical support for people living with blood cancer for a number of years. In the past, Tranby College students have been big supporters of this charity by raising money and awareness through their involvement in The World's Greatest Shave. Over the years, we have enjoyed watching staff members as well as students spray their hair an array of bright colours in exchange for gold coins.

This year, we had three very brave Year 9 boys, Alex Bassett-Tiikkainen, Casey Waugh and Joshua Watson who committed to the cause and began their fundraising journey at the start of the year. The boys decided they would shave their heads and attempt to raise as much money and awareness for the event. Thanks to the generosity of their family members, friends, community members, students and staff at Tranby College, the boys have raised a very healthy sum of $2600. It's been heartening to watch the Year 9 cohort of students in particular, rally behind their peers to demonstrate their support.

The event proved to be a great success and another outstanding reflection of the sprit and generosity demonstrated by the Tranby College community.