UnitingCare West

As part of the Service Learning Program at Tranby College, students dedicate a lot of time to fundraise for UnitingCare West, a list of what we do follows:

  • Sleep Rough
  • Christmas Appeal
  • Foster Care Packs
  • Hoodies for the Homeless
  • Student Forums
  • Packing of Food Hampers

During students' tutorial time they are assigned to different projects throughout the year. The students brain storm then fundraise, shop and put together some great backpacks full of goodies for the children in foster care with UnitingCare West. Students also knit scarves that will be donated once completed and Hoodies have also been made in the textiles room and donated.

In Term 3 students are also given the opportunity to participate in the 'UCW Sleep Rough', which entails fundraising, sleeping on the floor of the Multi-purpose Hall and we also sleep for an hour on the MPH Verandah.

We were pleased to formally hand over the first half of the batch of hoodies to Susan from UnitingCare West, and hope to continue with this tutorial in coming years.

Two students took the time to reflect on their experience:

"I think that making the Hoodies for the Homeless was a good choice of tutorial because we learned to use the overlocker and donate at the same time. At first I wasn't very good at it, but I became better as I practised. My favourite part was sewing the cuffs because I found that easy, but I wasn't too confident sewing the arms to the body." Tiegan Green—Year 8

"My experience with an overlocker wasn't very good, but choosing this tutorial was one of the best decisions I ever made. In this tutorial I can combine my love of sewing and do it with my friend Tiegan. In the beginning I found the overlocker a bit challenging and one mistake means having to redo it. By far the best part for me was doing the arms and letting Tiegan do the cuffs! I think making and donating these hoodies is important because we can give what we have made to people that really need it. I will definitely do this tutorial again." Nicola Duckham– Year 8