Disabled Surfing

As per usual the event took place in February at Fremantle Surf Life Saving Club, Leighton Beach. A very impressive number of able-bodied volunteers, mostly from various secondary schools in the local area, registered at 9am, followed by a pre-event safety briefing at 9.30am. After a morning of frolics, first time attempts and a truck load of fun, a complimentary barbeque was organised by the DSA for all the fatigued and famished participants and well deserving volunteers to enjoy.

The conclusion of the event involved the coming together of the community to congratulate the participants as they were awarded for their bravery and spirit demonstrated on the long boards. This was a perfect opportunity for passionate people to come together and celebrate what had been a successful and awe-inspiring community event.

A very big thank you and congratulations to Tranby students from Years 10 - 12 for their efforts on the day. This proves to be the most popular of our many Service Learning activities which take place within the busy school year.

As for our dedicated and committed staff, thank you for your involvement on the day. After a very busy week at school, mustering the energy to assist in the supervision of our students on the beach and involvement in the water is to be commended. Without such dedication from our staff, these types of invaluable character building opportunities for our students, would simply not exist.

No doubt we will do it all over again next year and keep the Tranby tradition alive!