The Laramie Project

The Laramie Project was performed at the Koorliny Arts Centre on 14th, 15th and 16th June 2012.

For over eight months, the Years 11 and 12 Drama students spent many hours rehearsing for this year's Senior School production of The Laramie project. Lunchtimes, Thursday afternoons, Sundays and public holidays were spent with Miss Johnston in the MPH familiarising ourselves with the 7 or 8 characters we each had to play.

When we received our scripts and realised how many lines we all had to learn we all thought "what have we gotten ourselves into?" but by working alongside Miss Johnston we managed to pull the show off!

Trying to grasp the magnitude of the crime that takes place in the play was the most difficult step for most of our cast. Society today has been faced with so many confronting issues and I know for myself that trying to understand how somebody could do something like that to another human being was hard to comprehend.

Having performed such a confronting play has matured us in the past year. It was such a great opportunity for the Year 11 and 12's to get involved in and take on roles as actors and technicians. I encourage all students to jump at the opportunity to perform in a College production, because in the end, all the preparation and hard work pays off with the adrenaline and excitement you feel on stage.

Throughout the production, we all created so many special bonds and had an amazing time that no one will ever forget.

So much time and effort went into The Laramie Project and it will be surely missed.

Maddison Davis, Year 12 Drama Student