Peter Pan

On 12th and 13th August, 'Peter Pan', J. M. Barrie's timeless classic which has captured the hearts and imaginations of not only children but adult audiences for generations, wove its magic yet again - coming to life onstage as Tranby 's 2011 College Musical Production.

The journey began all the way back in the first few weeks of Term 1 upon which the first auditions were held; giving students the opportunity to showcase what magical talents they truly had to offer. Time literally flew by, lines were being memorised, choreography was becoming a daily routine, and the harmonious sound of musical instruments began echoing throughout the College grounds and no doubt the neighbourhood too. Before long all those countless, exhaustive and at times tedious lunch-time, after-school and holiday rehearsals soon transformed into full show, costume and technical run-throughs, onstage at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre. The many months of hard-work, dedication, rehearsals upon rehearsals, had all boiled down to that incredibly important and exciting moment - it was time to believe in fairies, but more importantly it was time to make the audience believe to.

In Term 2 the Set Design team, ranging from both Middle School and Senior School students began designing, preparing and painting the sets. The first session was the worst, with us having to move the sets from the sea container to the art room. However we then watched part of the movie, a first for some of us. After many Wednesday afternoons of painting, the majority of the sets were completed including the children's bedroom, however the largest scene, Neverland, still needed to be started. Over four days in the holidays we painted a couple of leaves, some more leaves and then even more leaves leading to conversations about which type of leaf is our favourite and looking at real leafs on the way home. However with Mrs Hardwick's enthusiasm we eventually completed the seemingly endless task. During these days Mr Scott created the beds, window and other objects seen throughout the sets which completed the scenes.

For the first ever time in the College's performance history, a talented twelve-piece live orchestra featured in the show - which to perform alongside with was both mesmerising and a wonderful experience for us all.

Two days before the first performance the diverse group of Senior School students who had volunteered to help Mrs Stachowicz and Mr Dove with backstage went to MPAC to see what was needed from them. At the beginning we all seemed lost however as time went by we gained a greater knowledge of the jobs needing to be accomplished including props organisation, lighting stage set up and setting up the actors microphones.

From the very first rehearsal to the electrifying but indeed saddening end of our last performance, we - performers, staff and crew would all agree we became much like a family, together we shared an incredible memorable journey. And as the curtain fell for the final time we came to realise what indeed a truly wonderful unique experience it was. One I'm sure we will never ever forget. Yes, even if we do "grow up".

Jarryd Dobson & Tanya Laird - Year 12