Mary Poppins

Production Week was a busy, exciting, hectic, rewarding, stressful and exhausting week. It began with an all day school rehearsal on Tuesday 18th July, which then lead us into four days at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre. These days commenced at 7.00am and were concluding     between 7pm and 11:20pm. The life of Musical students and staff is busy, energetic and intense, day after day. Sets were bumped in and constructed, tech rehearsals ran, lighting calls were made, costumes were organised, dress rehearsals performed and last minute jobs were done. It was a huge week and everyone involved exceeded expectation. Students performed three amazing shows, Friday matinee and Friday and Saturday nights. Their performances were outstanding.

This was the first time Tranby has performed a combined Junior and Senior School production. The friendships the students made over the week were invaluable to our great community. The Junior School students performed beyond their years and the Senior Students were outstanding mentors.

These shows are not possible without dedicated staff, parents and students. All students worked incredibly hard and gave their all. Staff and volunteers involved over the week were invaluable to the production. Thank you to Torryl Blackwell, Kim Barlow, Jess Dunn, Amanda Day, Brooke Steele, Amanda Davison, Tara Oorjitham, Louise Hardwick, Rachel Bullock, Mark Dove and   Simon Stacey, who lived and breathed Mary Poppins for the entire week. Thank you to our Tranby families for their support of rehearsals and attendance at our shows.

Verena Smallman—Acting Dean of Arts