Back to the 80s

From the moment Dr Massey announced that Tranby was producing a musical in 2019, we all knew it was time to get our singing, acting and dancing skills up to scratch in anticipation of audition day. The Performing Arts staff had the hardest job of trying to fit all the talented Tranby students into the show, but a week later the cast was announced. It couldn't have looked better – we were ALL in the Back to the 80s Musical.

Term 1 was busy and ended with a full rehearsal day, in which Act 1 was performed for the first time, in order! During Term 2, the pressure built, and we could see the end result of the musical as Act 2 was coming together. Come Term 3, the production was really taking shape. We could finally sing and dance, which made the teachers proud, especially after rehearsing Love Shack so many times. We spent over 80 hours rehearsing, which was filled with laughter, cringey moments and crying, but was an absolute blast. When it was finally 'show time' we could not have been more excited. The energy that each student brought to the performance was incredible and all their enthusiasm reassures me that the Arts at Tranby is in safe hands. Back to the 80s is something I will cherish forever – I had the time of my life.

Dylan Randall Arts Captain

Back to the 80s was an incredible experience and not just the performing side of it all. Being part of the behind the scenes work was amazing. We were able to see how a production is put together and all the work that went into it! We all worked hard to come up with a microphone plan as there were 16 microphones and 20 lead actors. The quick microphone changes throughout the performance were stressful but everything came together in the end. Both staff and students worked hard to come up with ideas for the lighting to set a perfect mood for the performance. We all loved being involved with every part of this memorable musical.

Chelsea Rose Year 12

Being a part of the musical was awesome and it just got better and better with each performance. We started off by learning individual scenes and dances and over the months we watched it all come together. By the end of our last performance, we were all so attached to the music and the characters that we played, that it felt weird leaving it all behind. Being involved in this musical was one of the best experiences of high school and I'm sure that everyone who was a part of it would agree with me when I say that we created a lot of amazing memories and formed friendships that we will never forget.

Lauren Hughes-Anderson Year 12