Senior School - Years 7-12

Tranby's Senior School is where passion for learning is sparked by choice, diversity and increasing ownership over one's learning.

Please continue to read on as we expand on our philosophy in the following pages -  Senior School Revealed.


While continuing to provide a safe and happy environment which supports students' social and emotional growth, the emphasis in the Senior School at Tranby College is on preparing students for their entry into further study, work and life as responsible and contributing citizens. Our young adults have reached the final stage of their formal school education having successfully passed through their Junior school years.

We recognise that quality education consists of many elements including academic development, character development and values education, a program of physical fitness, activities to foster a sense of responsibility toward community, the formation of friendships, including those across cultures, and a code of conduct which instils self-respect, self-discipline, and honesty. Underlying the total program is a recognition of individual differences.

The Middle Years, for students in Years 7-9, encourages and celebrates students' personal and academic growth during this unique phase in their development. We provide opportunities for students to become enthusiastic and confident learners by nurturing intrinsic motivation, modelling consistent values and developing individual identity, integrity and resilience. This occurs through the provision of a flexible, safe, challenging learning environment that fosters a high level of engagement within Tranby and with the wider community.

Distinctive practices appropriate to early adolescent learning are introduced in order to maximise student learning. In particular, the design, location and organisation of the Middle School is based upon our belief that the relationships students form with each other, their teachers, their school, their family and their environment have a great influence upon student's learning.

A student's Mentor Teacher is primarily responsible for working with parents on the academic care of each student. This requires knowledge of each student as a learner and the creation of a safe, purposeful and challenging learning environment. Further support is provided by teams of staff in each year group who are also dedicated to making the most of the joys, challenges and opportunities of teaching in the middle years. These teams are led by Heads of Year who bring their experience of early adolescent learners to students and staff while drawing upon the particular expertise of the Middle School Learning Support and Extension Co-ordinators.


In Year 7 students deepen their understanding of themselves as learners.

While developing and implementing strategies for independent and collaborative learning, they begin to extend their awareness of other perspectives through critical thinking, decision-making and empathy. Within a supportive environment, students are prepared to take considered risks in both their learning and their relationships.


In Year 8 there is an emphasis on self and others. We aim to enable students to reflect on their actions and how these actions impact upon others.

Opportunities are provided to develop resilience and independence within a safe environment which supports and challenges students to reach their optimum learning potential.


In Year 9 students are encouraged to be independent, resilient learners who are able to adjust to a range of contextual environments that equip them for the future.

They are able to understand where their learning is taking them and take responsibility for this. All students are expected to demonstrate formal and informal leadership in terms of their presence in the Middle School.


Year 10 is a transition year which aims to prepare students for pathways in Years 11 and 12, so much of the emphasis is on academic preparation and course selection in readiness to move in an appropriate career direction.

On entering Year 10, students are placed in a Tutor Group which is House based. The Tutor Group contains Year 10, 11 and 12 students in a 'vertical' system. They will remain in this group throughout their senior years with their Tutor and Head of House. Their academic program consists of English, Mathematics, Society & Environment and Science. Students also select two other subjects based on their interest and/or intended career direction. Year 10 subjects generally lead to courses in Year 11 and 12 that contribute to achievement of the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE). Students also participate in Integrated Studies and Sport.


All students select six courses to meet their needs, abilities, interests and goals. Their program also includes Integrated Studies and Sport.

During this year, students are offered the opportunity to investigate what it means to be a leader and to attend a leadership workshop. The student leaders for Year 12 are nominated during this process.


Students in Year 12 usually continue their courses from Year 11 but they have the opportunity to reassess their goals and pathways and make changes, in consultation with their teachers, prior to commencing the academic year. Year 12 consists of four terms. For many students, their academic studies culminate in the WACE examinations held at the beginning of November each year.

All Year 12 students are given the opportunity to develop their leadership skills within the House system as they become role models for younger students. Year 12 students are expected to provide appropriate leadership to the remainder of the student body.