Parking and Traffic Flow Guidelines

Tranby College has a parking and traffic flow system, please be patient and courteous and always follow the rules, to ensure your children and others are safe. Please ensure that you are not parking in any kiss-n-drop zone prior to 3:15pm.

Tranby Drive Carpark - parking versus drive through 

As you approach the school carpark off Tranby Drive:

  • the left lane is drive through to 'kiss-n-drop' and is for drop-off and pick-up only, again please ensure that you are not parking in the kiss-n-drop prior to 3:15pm.
  • the right lane is:
    • drive through to the Childcare carpark OR
    • turn right straight away, park your car in one of the many car bays and walk into the school to drop off children, collect children or attend meetings.

Pick up and Drop off Procedures for Parents

All students who are transported to or from the school by vehicle, must be dropped off at, or picked up from, the designated drive-through 'kiss-n-drop' carparks off Tranby Drive or the shared carpark at the corner of Arpenteur and Tranby Drive.


Parents are welcome to park in the designated parking areas thereby accompanying their child to and from their classroom.

All children must be collected from the College carparks by 3.30pm and the campus must be vacated by parents and children by 4.00pm.

Parking and Traffic Flow around the College

These rules are all about the safety of our children.

Rationale: The safety of our children comes first

The Principal reserves the right to refuse entry to any driver of a motor vehicle whom he believes may conflict either directly or indirectly with the safety of any Student, Staff Member or Parent/Guardian of the Tranby College community or any other child or student in his care or under his control.


  1. ALL DRIVERS must strictly adhere to the 5km/h speed limit within the school carparks.
  2. ALL DRIVERS must adhere to a 5km/h speed limit when driving on the school oval or any other area within the school grounds that has been designated for driving.
  3. ALL DRIVERS must always give way to pedestrians.
  4. ALL PEDESTRIANS must ensure they utilise footpaths and cross walks and make direct movement through and across the carpark to minimise the impact on traffic flow and to ensure children are walking on roads and in the carpark for the least amount of time as possible. CHILDREN MUST NOT BE WALKING THROUGH THE CARPARK UNLESS ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT/GUARDIAN.
  5. ALL DRIVERS please note that the carpark on the corner of Arpenteur Drive and Tranby Drive is a 'shared carpark' with Settlers Primary School and the carpark on Clyde Street is for Staff and Student parking ONLY.
  6. ALL DRIVERS must strictly adhere to the ONE-WAY traffic flow signage within the school carparks. This includes both posted signage as well as road surface markings.
  7. ALL DRIVERS dropping off or collecting children from their vehicles MUST do so via the drive-through 'kiss-n-drop' off/pick up area only.
  8. VEHICLES are not permitted to drop off or collect students from College Reception, UNLESS you are signing them in/out for an appointment OR you need to attend College Reception.
  9. VEHICLES must not stop or park their vehicles on or adjacent to a "NO STANDING" sign painted on the road surface.
  10. VEHICLES must not park either wholly or partially on ANY footpath within the school grounds.
  11. NO DRIVER shall drive their vehicle on school grounds or where students are present in a wilful manner (which includes speed), that is inherently dangerous, or given regard to the circumstances, considered to be dangerous to the public or to any person.
  12. ALL PARENTS/GUARDIANS must explain the Tranby College Traffic Guidelines and Rules to ANY person who will be attending the school to collect their child in a motor vehicle.
  13. ALL DRIVERS queuing at the Tranby College drive-through 'kiss-n-drop' pick up/drop off service shall not leave their vehicle unattended at any time. A licensed driver must always remain with the vehicle and MOVE through to the allocated parking area after 3 minutes if your student/s don't arrive.
  14. ALL DRIVERS parking vehicles on school grounds must only park in a designated parking bay or in an area that has been set aside specifically for vehicle parking.
  15. ALL DRIVERS shall obey the directions of a Staff Member, Parking Official or Traffic Warden as appointed by the school to carry out traffic control or car park duties at any given time.