Early Learning

'Explore the World through Individual, Independent, Innovative Education'

The Tranby College Early Learning Centre caters for students from Kindergarten to Year Two. Our focus is to develop a sense of curiosity, interest and enjoyment for learning now and in the future. Students are also encouraged to have a sense of ownership over their learning and develop strategies for independence. Our program offers a diverse range of teaching strategies to cater for all students. Each child is recognised as an individual and is encouraged to strive to reach their own developmental goals. We offer a play-based environment that incorporates classroom routines and structures to maximise student learning. Students interests and needs help guide the teaching program.

The Early Learning Centre is well resourced and provides a stimulating and engaging learning environment. Each year level has access to light tables, iPads and Interactive Whiteboards to help facilitate and motivate students to be practical, hands on learners. This will also assist students to confidently integrate into our highly technological world.

To support our teaching and learning program, we employ fully trained Educational Assistants for each classroom. The staff work directly with the students and provide educational support to enhance all learning experiences. Students from Pre-Primary to Year Two also have regular teaching and learning sessions with Specialist staff including: Art, Indonesian, Drama, Music, Library and Physical Education teachers.

School staff are kept informed about the latest developments in Early Learning through regular Professional Development and networking between schools and colleagues. Teachers work collaboratively to plan and implement educational programs that maximise learning for all students.

Parents are an important and essential element of a successful Early Learning Centre. Parents are encouraged to participate actively in their child's learning through parent class rosters, school excursions, home based learning activities and reflections on daily school events. The Early Learning Centre encourages a positive teacher/parent partnership in the learning experiences for each student. Parents have a range of opportunities to participate in the child's learning through, parent evenings, three-way conferences, learning journeys, assessment portfolios and semester reports. Parents are also welcome to make times to meet with staff to discuss any issues or concerns.

The Early Learning Centre is a hive of busy learning in a safe, warm and caring atmosphere. It offers learning opportunities that reach children in their critical first years of life. We pride ourselves in having a reputation as 'Leaders in Learning' throughout the community and we invite you to visit our centre and explore the wonderful learning environment we have to offer your child as they commence their education journey.

Cheryl Taylor

Dean of Junior School

Phases of Learning

Tranby College's Phases of Learning are designed to motivate the children to discover their learning potential to realise the best in themselves and others.

The phases are the core framework of each age and stage. They articulate the expectations of and the educational approach that develops from Kindergarten through their Primary schooling years.

Kindergarten - Opening the doors to Learning

'Their window to the world'

The learning environment, both indoors and outdoors, develops the child's sense of 'Belonging, Being and Becoming'.  It provides guidance for the children to explore their new world with wonder and curiosity through play. They experience learning that is engaging and provides the successful foundations for the future.  Learning experiences are age appropriate and inspire them to inquire into the world around them through play.  Children at this phase approach the world with a great curiosity and a desire to explore it through all of their senses.

Pre-primary to Year 2 - Playful Discovery

 'Building Strong Foundations'

Children are competent, capable and resourceful learners who engage in playful experiences to develop their love of learning. They are challenged in an environment that stimulates curiosity and encourages exploration.  The skills of negotiation, resilience and empathy required to belong to their community are modelled and encouraged. Playful learning and researched based programs are used to help meet benchmarks and expectations.