Shrek JR The Musical

That'll do, Donkey! That'll do!

There has been a huge amount of positive buzz since the recent Junior School Performing Arts production of 'Shrek JR The Musical' at Koorliny Arts Centre. The four fabulous shows on August 2nd and 3rd saw the coming together of the Tranby community as a whole to give the students and audiences an unforgettable experience. Whilst the months of rehearsals, coordination, preparation and perspiration were very hard – many are now feeling sad that it's all over! The students all enjoyed the experience of being involved and showed a great deal of dedication throughout.

Congratulations go to the cast of talented actors     involved. A huge commendation also goes to the    tireless work of the students in the crew. You were all wonderful!

To the significant number of Tranby Staff, previous Tranby students and Tranby Parents who helped in various aspects of the production – Thank you so much!

Speaking with Ava Woodgate and Ashlynn Brown after their experiences of playing the main role of   Fiona, they both had positive perspectives to share about their involvement.

Ava commented that "The best experience I had in Shrek Jr. was being able to share the whole journey with all of the cast, crew and teachers involved. I loved having the opportunity to have a main role."

Ashlynn said "Nothing prepares you for the rush of adrenaline and nerves that happen as soon as the lights rise and you can see the crowd! You make great friends through the experience and it's great to get to know students that you wouldn't normally work with. I loved it!"

Here are some of the audience reviews:

Elizabeth N, 1B – I liked the characters in Shrek. I liked Princess Fiona, she looked pretty.

Jack W, 1B – I thought it was great when the Gingerbread Man lied because he said there was a Muffin Man! It really made me laugh when Shrek and Fiona were farting and burping!

Isla T, PPM – I liked it when they had the wedding at the end. The wedding dress was beautiful on Princess Fiona.

Samuel K, PPM – I loved it when the 'Goodies' win in the end!

Sahara C, 3S - The best part of Shrek was when Princess Fiona and Shrek were farting and burping. I don't know why I liked it I just did.

Brooke Steele—Drama Teacher