Pepys' Show

In 2009 Miss Storry produced a drama production called Pepys' Show that was set in the time of the Great Fire of London and the Plague. The students that participated were from Years 3-6 with many varieties of characters. Some of the stand outs were - Natanya Cartwright the little flame who sang beautifully and danced up a storm, the fantastic fleas and rebellious rats who did awesome acrobatics, Mr Pepys who was performed by Stanley Finch entertained us with his wonderful narrative, along with his beautiful wife who was played by Holly Manson, Lady Merrijig and Lord Snuff were extremely hilarious and very posh, the Town Crier also known as Jake Francis was delightful in his role, Doctor Dipsy Doodle - Cameron Jeffrey, Ferryman - Guy Newhill, King - Daniel Gage, Lord Mayor - Luke Day, The Worthy Family, street people, trades people and the Lords and Ladies all brought their characters to life. Finally the characters of Katie Cockle, played by Rhiannon Draper, Polly Pincher by Skye Dunster and Betsy Beggitt played by myself, informed everybody whilst singing our song that we aint' never 'ad a barth in our lives.

The whole crew had so much fun on this production and we learnt so much with some of us developing a life long love for acting. We had the opportunity to perform at the Perth Convention Centre, along with other schools, which was an exciting experience. We were also able to perform several shows for the school and our family and friends, gaining a priceless experience.

We all spent many hours rehearsing in and out of school. Many parents and teachers volunteered themselves tirelessly to assist with the amazing set production under the direction of Ms King. The music accompanied by Sam Warren on drums.

Thank you to Miss Storry who is an amazing teacher and who feeds our spirits inspiring us to fly, without you this production wouldn't have been possible and I'm not sure that Miss Storry is aware of just how amazing she is. Finally I would like to add that being in this production has been one of the most amazing experiences in my life and one that I am truly grateful for. Thank you.

Hannah-Rose Daniels 6B