Disney's The Little Mermaid Jr.

In 2014 the Junior School put on a musical. After careful consideration the teachers decided on Disney's The Little Mermaid Jr. because there were both girl and boy lead roles and a large amount of cast members.

Auditions started and us keen performers were asked to sing the first verse of Under The Sea. Due to decisions not being able to be made we were asked to perform three different short monologues, sing the first verse of Under The Sea evilly and asked what role we would like to play the most in a 'call-back'. Soon after the call-backs we were asked to go to the activity area so we could be given our roles. I was given the role of Ariel; Callum Helwig was given the role of Prince Eric; Marissa Pereira was given the role of Scuttle; Molly Boyd was given the role of Flounder; Taika Osmun-Tamati was given the role of Sebastian the crab; India Earrye was given the role of Ursula; Jasmine Quin-Conroy was given the role of Jetsam; Ella Arscott was given the role of Flotsam; Benjamin Hewitt was given the role of head Pilot; and Chloe Harvey, Paris Cusack, Olivia Hughes, Eliza Shewring played the mersisters.

We commenced rehearsals almost immediately. We learnt our words well, had fun reading the scenes, made friends, got Performing Arts T-shirts, had a holiday rehearsal and cheered when we set a new record.

All too soon dress rehearsals were over and rehearsals without costumes were a distant memory. We had one last rehearsal before we were going to perform what we had been preparing for over five months. We applied our makeup, slipped on our (mostly) uncomfortable costumes, hopped in the school buses and headed towards Koorliny Arts Centre. During our last rehearsal we figured out which wings we came on in and how much time we had to change. This was especially important for me, as I had to get changed sometimes in a matter of one minute.

When show time rolled around we were ready. The Thursday performance was considered a 'warm up' because it was the matinee performance and the Pre-primaries, Year 1's, 2's and 3's were watching. There were only two hitches; I had a cold and my telescope rolled under someone's foot during the scene after I saved Prince Eric.

The Thursday night show wasn't much better hitch wise. The wave material ripped and Sebastian the crab's eye fell off his hat! Friday night was special, sad and emotional for everyone. India/Ursula had a cold, I almost forgot my line and it was our last show. After the production on Friday had finished we cried and signed each other's Performing Arts T-shirts. The Little Mermaid Jr. was a fantastic production and was enjoyed by all who performed and all who came to watch.

By Emily Chivers Year 6