Junior School

The Junior School comprises two classes of each year level from Kindergarten through to Year 4 and three classes of Years 5 and 6. We offer a comprehensive, innovative education aimed at developing the intellectual, spiritual, social, physical and emotional development of each child.

We are committed to the welfare and care of the individual in a safe, supportive environment where excellence is encouraged and risk-taking pursued. The class rooms are bright lively places where learning is clearly happening and positive values are evident.

We believe that collaboration, co-operation and communication between students, parents and teachers are essential for the successful learning of all children. The class teachers in the Junior School work in teaching/learning teams to provide 'best practice' strategies for their students, the best possible pastoral care and accurate and professional feedback to parents. They are supported by educational assistants whilst a range of specialist teachers provide an enriched educational program.

Tranby Junior School is a technology rich environment. All classrooms to Year 5 are fitted with interactive whiteboards and the children have regular use of apple laptop computers. The Year 6 children are housed in an innovative flexible space and have their own laptop computers in a one to one program.

Children in the Junior School are provided with extensive opportunities to develop their creative, intellectual, sporting, artistic and cultural talents through regular intra and inter-school activities, performing arts, musical instrument tuition, art/craft exhibitions and a range of extra mural activities. The children also regularly attend excursions in the wider community or have visitors to the College for incursions.

The Junior School campus is an attractive functional space with appropriate play areas and classrooms that are spacious and well resourced and always a hive of activity. Physical activity is encouraged as is quiet reflection and study.

Tranby Junior school offers a complete well rounded education and I welcome all prospective parent inquiries and for you to view Tranby College Junior School as the College of choice for your child.