Inquiry-based Learning

Teaching and learning at Tranby College has a strong Inquiry-based foundation.

Consultation with parents, students and teachers has told us five key areas are important for purposeful education in the 21st century:

  • A sequential, progressive and developmental K-12 curriculum;
  • A focus on robust, student-centred, inquiry-based learning;
  • Embracing 21st century skills: particularly involving problem-solving, teamwork and cooperation, creativity, global connections and the skilful use of technology;
  • Exploring ways to continue to challenge and extend students, as individuals; and,
  • Committing to teacher development, with a 'continuous improvement' mindset.

These key areas give Tranby College a Five-Point Focus to consider our performance, growth and development as a learning community.  As a measure of our commitment to these aspects, from 2017 everyone at Tranby will be invited to rate the College, annually, on these important characteristics.

The College develops the skills of all classroom teachers through regular and ongoing professional learning and development in inquiry-based learning.  As Principal, I invest my time and expertise in staff, mentoring and supporting teachers to undertake individual research-based projects, based upon inventive and innovative projects or teaching methodology.  This teacher-focused, inquiry-based research places Tranby College at the cutting edge of progressive, 21st century teaching practice.

Tranby College is committed to student-centred teaching and learning principles, alongside the skills we all agree are important.  In tandem with this approach, Tranby teachers focus all their professional efforts on their students, their classroom practices and their important partnership with parents.  The Australian Curriculum, coupled with all the elements of our Five-Point Focus, gives Tranby College a purposeful, clear, ongoing educational direction.

Dr Clayton Massey