2022 Scholarships

Tranby College offers a limited number of Scholarship opportunities aimed at identifying, celebrating and supporting children who have strengths and expertise in a variety of areas. Scholarships provide a reduction in tuition fees for up to four years and will be awarded based on the applicant addressing the criteria, current school report performance and the results of the Scholarship testing process and interview.

Applications closed at 4.00pm on Thursday 19th August 2021.

Bright Futures 'General Excellence' Scholarship – Years 1 to 4 

Offered to new and existing Junior School students, we're looking for engaged, bright children who demonstrate a sound academic attitude, a curiosity about the world and a passion for anything they undertake.

Applications will be considered based on combination of the following criteria:

  • Excelling in a particular area of interest: Music, Sport, The Arts, Creativity, etc.
  • Being an enthusiastic and reliable contributor (to all facets of life in line with College values).
  • Skills and achievements in leadership and service (making a positive difference to those around them).
  • Demonstrating excellent teamwork and co-operation abilities.

Fulfilling Futures 'General Excellence' Scholarship  –  Years 5 to 12

Offered to new and existing College students, we're looking for children with an outstanding ability in, and enthusiasm and commitment to: Sport, Performing Arts, Visual Arts or Music.

In their application, applicants will need to:

  • Provide evidence of their abilities and achievements (awards, audition video, examples of work, etc.).
  • Provide a reference or endorsement from a specialist associated from their field of interest.
  • Demonstrate sound academic performance.

Academic Scholarship – Years 5 to 12

All new and existing students who demonstrate outstanding academic ability and commitment to learning are welcome to apply for our Academic Scholarship. Recipients of this Scholarship will also be considered for our Gifted and Talented Program.

The Spirit of Tranby Award (Community Service Scholarship) – Years 1 to 12

Any existing or new student who can demonstrate their active involvement in local voluntary community service activities are eligible to be considered for The Spirit of Tranby Award.

More Information and How to Apply

Below are links to application forms for each of the Scholarships available. For more details and information please see our FAQs, or contact the College Registrar: Mrs Justine Robertson. Call 95233123 or email enrolments@tranby.wa.edu.au.

Your link to all the Application Forms are here: