Media Production and Analysis aims to prepare students for a future in a digital and interconnected world by providing the skills, knowledge and understandings to tell their own stories and interpret the stories of others. Students are encouraged to explore, experiment and interpret their world, reflecting and analysing contemporary life, while understanding that this is done under social, cultural and institutional constraints. Students, as users and creators of media products, consider the important role of audiences and their context.

Students learn to explore different filming techniques which enable them to create documentaries, art films, advertisements and short creative expressions. They also explore online media, print media and the diverse world of advertising.

Students also have the opportunity to participate in the Act*Belong*Commit Photography workshops and competition, which is sponsored by the City of Rockingham. Many students have experienced success in this competition and having their work on display to the general public provides acknowledgement of their effort. It also enables their creative talents to be viewed by the general public.

In all the Year levels, students are required to complete both practical and written assessments, with the weighting of written work increasing in the Senior School years.

Students are provided with many opportunities to create both within and outside the classroom. Senior School students attend the yearly showcase of the films voted to be the best examples from the ATAR submissions from the previous year. These are initially selected by teachers and then voted on by a panel for their inclusion in the showcase. Senior students are also encouraged to submit films to local and national competitions.

In Years 7 and 8, students develop sound understandings of the codes and conventions which govern all media works and learn how to both recognise and apply these in a range of contexts. Contexts include short film production, photography, print advertisements and multimedia presentations.