The Dance programme at Tranby College enables students to develop and present ideas through a variety of genres, styles and forms. Through critical decision making in individual and group work, movement is manipulated and refined. Students use a wide range of creative processes, such as improvisation and the use of choreographic elements and devices, and draw on their own physicality to make dance works. The theory component of the Dance course covers safe dance practises and health issues related to dance, experiential anatomy, dance terminology, self reflection and responses to dance works.

Students are encouraged to challenge themselves in every lesson to strive to reach their potential in regards to technique, strength, flexibility and coordination. The College offers ATAR Dance for students wishing to pursue a career in Dance or complete further study at Tertiary level at institutes such as the WA Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). The main genre studied in the ATAR course is contemporary. To complement student's academic studies in Dance, an auditioned extension program is offered for elite dancers which involves conditioning, advanced level technique classes and extra performance opportunities. These performance opportunities, include College events, assemblies and extra items in the College's annual Dance Night performance.

All Dance students have the opportunity to perform in the College's annual Dance Night, as well as the biannual College Musical. Year 11 and 12 students, have the opportunity to attend an interstate Arts trip, which occurs in the off year to the Musical.

Year 7, 8, 9

The Year 7 - 9 Dance courses at Tranby College run for one semester and introduces students to jazz, contemporary and tap technique, the elements of dance and choreographic devices. Students learn to appreciate dance through viewing and analysing their own and others performances.

Year 10, 11, 12

The Year 10 - 12 Dance courses at Tranby are yearlong and encourage students to refine the technique gained in previous years' study of dance and work at an advanced level. Students participate in excursions to the theatre to watch live performances and have the added opportunity to perform in small groups and solos.

Dance Academy

Tranby College offers an elite training program for talented and career minded students. Students participate in Royal Academy of Dance ballet classes, contemporary technique classes along with workshops run by current industry professionals. Students experience of dance is broadened by regular excursions to the theatre to view professional dance works by notable dance companies. Application forms are available by contacting the College. Students suitability for this programme is assessed through an audition.