The Arts in Senior School

In the Senior School, Years 7-12 at Tranby College, students have the opportunity to study Dance, Drama, Media, Music and Visual Arts.

Students are introduced to The Arts in a creative and enriched environment that engages the senses.

They experience and explore both practice and theory in incremental degrees of complexity through the years. Students are encouraged to develop their skills and demonstrate commitment to produce arts works of a high standard. Through response, reflection and evaluation they learn to value and appreciate their own and others work.

The Arts Learning Area stages a Musical every two years and offers a wide variety of co-curricular opportunities in which students from Years 7-12 can be involved.

Students can elect to focus on one or more of the following specialist subjects: Dance, Drama, Media, Music and Visual Arts. In Years 11 and 12 students have the option to study either ATAR or General Drama and ATAR Visual Arts.

Louise Hardwick

Senior School Visual Art Teacher

Rachael Knight

Senior School Drama Teacher

Sarah Mangan

Senior School Dance Teacher