Drama in the Junior School

Introduced in 2011, Years 5 and 6 students began Drama lessons as a part of their weekly timetable.

Coming under the banner of the Arts, Drama is a subject that allows students to develop their creative skills and performance skills through devised and improvised Drama. Students make their own drama pieces and respond to others. The Drama programme in the Junior School focuses on building trusting relationships between peers, taking risks in a safe environment, encouraging students to step outside their comfort zones and fostering students' confidence in performing in front of audiences.

In addition to the inclusion of Drama into the Junior School curriculum, a tradition has emerged over the last five years in which the Junior School has presented an annual Musical. Performed by students in Year 4-6 from the Junior School. The Performing Arts program has developed over time and has become a highlight of the Junior School calendar each year. Auditions to join the Performing Arts program are usually held in the first school term, with the performances usually held late in Term 3.

Ms Brooke Steele

Junior School Specialist Drama Teacher