Tranby Day

The College originally celebrated 3rd February as "Tranby Day" because this was the day on which the brig Tranby arrived in the Swan River Colony in 1830.

However once this became the first week of the school year we found that we could not give it the attention it deserves. Accordingly in 2001 we looked for another date and selected 9th September, which is the anniversary of the day on which the Tranby left Hull in 1829.

Tranby Day is a full day of celebration involving students from Kindergarten to Year 12. It is held on the Friday of the last day of Term 3 and parents are also most welcome to join in.

Working together as a school community is an important focus for the day. We start with an assembly that involves all the students, from Kindergarten to Year 12 and then moves into buddy groups and a whole school activity. In 2007 aerial photographs were taken of the school but in other years the activities have included kite making and flying, painting ceramic tiles and bush dancing.

However, we are also anxious to ensure that the day is more than just about us. The Prefects select a fundraising focus and students work together in their Houses to organise food and game stalls to raise money for the chosen charity. Busking and a concert are also important parts of the day.

Tranby Day is always a lot of fun but it is also an important way in which we build community across the school. "Big kids looking after little kids" is an outstanding feature of every Tranby Day.

Our recipients of the prestigious Tranby Day Award since it commenced are:

2020 - Mr Cameron Smith

2019 - Mrs Justine Robertson

2018 - Mrs Chris Russell

2017 - The Stacey Family

2016 - Mrs Emma Stachowicz

2015 - Mrs Roxanne Bowen

2014 - Mrs Gail Williamson

2013 - Mrs Jo Bednall, Ibu Vicki Richardson & Mr Kyrne Holloway

2012 - Mr Len Crosby & Mr Ian Russell

2011 - Mr Aussie Crothers & Mr Nathan Lansdell

2010 - Mrs Kathy Moller & Mrs Tracey Anastazjew

2009 - Mrs Tonia Brown

2008 - Mr Ray Thickett & Mrs Chris Calver

2007 - Year 12 Graduates

2006 - Mrs Veronica Smith

2005 - Mr Kim & Mrs Anne Littleton, Mrs Janet Simcock, Mrs Margie Harris & Mr Derry Smith

2004 - Mrs Sarah Longland & Mrs Alice Alexander

2003 - Mrs Dianne Fredricksen & Mrs Noelene Carter

2002 - Mrs Tricia Marshall & Mr Dale Dearn