Tranby Brig

The College was named after the brig Tranby which arrived in the Swan River Colony on February 3rd, 1830, bringing a group of Methodist settlers to the fledgling community.

The Tranby left Hull in England 9th September 1829 with 37 passengers, fourteen crew and a farmyard of stock. She had been chartered by a group of farmers from Yorkshire, foremost amongst them Barnard Clarkson and the three Hardey brothers, John, Joseph and William. After an eventful voyage of five months they arrived at the mouth of the Swan River and the first Methodist Church service in the state was held on the sand soon afterwards.

Some months later the Hardeys were granted "Peninsula Farm" in Maylands, and the Clarksons moved to the Avon River in the area that became known as York because it reminded them so much of their home in England.

Both families went on to play significant roles in the establishment of the Methodist Church in the colony and the eventual construction of Wesley Methodist Church in the centre of the city. Accordingly, when the foundation Council of the College was establishing this new Uniting Church school set in, what was then, rural Baldivis, they did not hesitate to select Tranby as an appropriate name.