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2 February (Week 1 Term 1)

Important Dates

Tuesday 13 February
3-Way Conferences (Years 11 & 12 only)

Wednesday 14 February
Years 7-12 Inter-House Swimming Carnival

Friday 16 February
Years 3-6 Inter-House Swimming Carnival

Tuesday 5 March
IPSHA Swimming Carnival

Monday & Tuesday 11-12 March
Tranby College Student Photo Sessions (All students)

Thursday 15 March
ACC Swimming Carnival

Thursday 28 March
Last day of Term 1

From the Principal

Mrs Emily Goforth

Welcome back!

It is truly one of the highlights of my year to see our campus burst back to life with the return of our students. The energy and excitement that fill the air remind us of the vibrant spirit that defines Tranby.

I want to take a moment to reflect on the wonderful occasion of the Year 12 Ball, which marked the beginning of our Year 12 students’ final journey at the College. Held on 24 January at Frasers at Kings Park, the evening was a stunning celebration of our just how far our students have come.. Thank you to all the staff members who attended and supported our students, making the event truly memorable.

Tonight, we have the Twilight Picnic following the Meet the Mentor and Classroom Teacher meetings. These gatherings provide invaluable opportunities for us to connect, share insights, and establish the routines and expectations for the year ahead. Our dedicated mentors and teachers serve as invaluable guides, offering support and guidance to address any concerns, queries, or feedback you may have regarding your child or children.

It is a great event to attend if you are able!

As we dive into the new Term, we look forward to the upcoming Swimming Carnivals and the exciting opportunities they bring for our students to showcase their talents and camaraderie.

The Term has certainly kicked off with a bang, and we are eager to see what the rest of the year has in store for us.

I also want to take this opportunity to remind parents and guardians about the importance of familiarising themselves with the policies and procedures at the College, particularly the Student, Parent, and Child-Safe Codes of Conduct. These documents outline the expectations and guidelines that help ensure a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment for all members of our Community. If you have not already done so, I encourage you to visit the Tranby website to access these resources –

Additionally, students will have the opportunity to review the Codes of Conduct with their mentors and classroom teachers in the coming weeks.

As we embark on this new academic year together, let us embrace the opportunities for growth, learning, and collaboration that lie ahead.

With your continued support and engagement, I am confident that we will make this year one of our most successful yet.

Thank you for being part of the Tranby Community, and here’s to a year filled with growth, achievement, and memorable experiences for us all!


Deputy Principal

Mr anthony britza

As we embark on the journey of a new academic year, it is with immense joy that I extend a warm welcome to both our new and returning families.

Together, we stand on the threshold of a year filled with opportunities for growth, learning, and profound experiences.

This year heralds an exciting milestone for Tranby with the introduction of our new management system, TASS.

Through TASS, students now have access to the innovative Student Cafe platform, meticulously crafted to streamline their academic journey and enrich their learning experiences.

Additionally, parents and guardians are invited to explore the Family Lounge, offering a seamless and transparent channel to stay updated on their child’s progress, access vital information, and actively engage with our vibrant school community. If you need it we have created a User Guide for you at

We eagerly anticipate your valuable feedback as we unveil new features and enhancements.

Furthermore, I am proud to announce that our Administration Officer, Mrs Chelsea Smart is part of a select group from across Australia contributing to the development of an app-based version of TASS.

We eagerly anticipate its implementation here at Tranby College, further revolutionising our educational ecosystem.

A gentle reminder that all communication with the College will now be facilitated through email, ensuring efficient and timely correspondence.

As we embrace these enhancements, we express our gratitude to the entire Tranby Community for your ongoing support and commitment to our shared vision of academic excellence and holistic development.

Together, let us make this academic year one filled with success, growth, and memorable experiences.

Thank you for being part of our Tranby family.


Head of Senior School


Welcome back everyone to 2024! We’re thrilled to see everyone return for another exciting year ahead.

Firstly, a huge round of applause to our exceptional Class of 2023 students, who have achieved an ATAR over 90! Your hard work and dedication have paid off, and we’re incredibly proud of your achievements. Keep up the fantastic work at University!

As we settle into the new year, we have a bustling start with our upcoming Senior School Swimming Carnival just around the corner. It’s always a highlight on our calendar, filled with friendly competition and a fantastic display of College spirit. Get ready to make a splash and cheer on your fellow classmates!

Before diving into the academic year, our current Year 12 students had the chance to celebrate in style at the 2024 Year 12 Ball. It was an evening of elegance and joy as students dressed up and enjoyed a wonderful evening together. It was a fantastic way to kick off the year and create lasting memories with friends.

As we continue on this journey together, let’s carry the excitement and positivity from these events into our everyday lives. Whether it’s in the classroom, on the sports field, or within our Community, let’s strive to make this year one to remember.

Let’s make 2024 a year filled with success, growth, and unforgettable moments.


Head of Junior School


Welcome back!

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all back for the 2024 College year.

This week, the energy in the Junior School was palpable as students excitedly waited outside their classrooms and met with their classmates. We welcomed several new families into the Tranby Community and we hope that all our new students have enjoyed their first few days.

We also welcomed our very youngest students in kindergarten. Our Kindy students will be transitioning to full days over the next few weeks and it is wonderful to see their beaming faces as they arrive in their school uniforms, ready to start the Tranby day.

This year, the Junior School will be preparing for our biennial Performing Arts Production led by Ms Brooke Steele.

The production this year is Disney’s My Son Pinocchio JR.

Students in Years 5 & 6 have already met with Ms Steele and she has shared with them information regarding auditions.

In addition to our Junior School clubs and activities, the Production will form part of our co-curricular offerings this year – many students and staff will be involved after classes each week.

I hope you have had a positive start to the year, and I look forward to meeting as many families as possible in the coming weeks.


Tranby's new Business Manager

The Tranby Community welcomes Clare Riley to the position of Tranby Business Manager.

With a remarkable career spanning over 25 years in various industries both in the UK and Australia, Clare brings an abundance of experience and a proven track record of success.

Additionally, she has in-depth understanding of Tranby and our Community from her recent work as a member of the Board.

We look forward to drawing on Clare’s expertise and vision to help Tranby achieve new heights.




While we care for the safety and security of our students, our ability to provide supervision prior to this time is restricted.


What an inspiring start to the Term! At this week’s Welcome Assembly we reconnected with returning students, embraced the new families joining the Tranby Community and celebrated the achievements of our new alumni – the students of the Class of 2023.

Our very talented 90’s Club inductees from last year’s Year 12, received their recognition award for achieving an ATAR score over 90. This year’s Prefects were presented with their new blazers and our Class of 2024’s Leavers Jackets were on show for all. Well done to everyone!

Together we took time to think of time rushing past and how the fleeting moments are what make life special – for all students, parents, guardians and staff. So let’s embrace the journey that 2024 will take us on and make it truly remarkable!

Cadets 2024

We are thrilled to be continuing the Emergency Service Cadet Corps (ESCC) this year.

The ESCC is a program designed to assist young people to develop practical life skills, leadership, teamwork and initiative.

Throughout the year, cadets will engage in a variety of activities, including emergency response training, community outreach projects and leadership development exercises.

The program provides a unique and hands-on experience for students to learn about emergency services, disaster preparedness and how to make a positive impact in their communities.

Training will be on Monday afternoons, so stay tuned for enrolment information and the official starting date in the coming weeks

Tranby Canteen

It’s great to back to serve our students & staff this College year.

 Our canteen is open from 8.00–8.30AM for the purchase of light breakfast items, cheesy bread and  warm muffins.

During this time students and staff can pre-order their choice of lunch. We accept cash and have EFTPOS facilities.

For new families joining this year, you are most welcome to place a lunch order via our online ordering

You can also find our current menu for Term 1 on our website at

We look forward to serving you all!      

Music Tuition & Ensembles

We’re excited for our music tuition program to kick off next week and have space especially for drums, wind and reed (flute, clarinet, saxophone), brass (trumpet, trombone), strings (violin, viola and cello) and voice. 

Our ensembles will also be beginning next week and we invite all interested students to come along and give them a go! 

There’s a Senior School drum/percussion club, Senior School and Junior School choirs, string ensembles, rock bands and more! 

For more information on signing up for music lessons or joining an ensemble speak to our specialist music tutors at the Twilight Picnic this Friday or email

Casting Call

The Senior School Production for 2024 has been announced and we are clicking our fingers in anticipation! 

The Addams Family auditions are open to all students in years 7 to 12 and will be held in Week 2 – that’s next week.

Students interested in playing in a band, helping out backstage or assisting with artwork and set are also welcome to express their interest. 

For more information please see Ms Hutchinson. 


Alumni Achievements

You may have seen our socials post about our singing superstar graduate and Arts Captain of 2023, Abbey Endersby earlier this year. 

What you might not know is that our 2023 College Captain, College Dux and leading man of the 2023 production Little Shop of Horrors, Daniel Monteiro Pais, has also been accepted into WAAPA.

Daniel is studying the Bachelor of Performing Arts. 

We are so proud of these talented students and are excited to see their futures on stage and screen! 


If You’d Like to be Heard,
We are Listening

The first round of the Tranby Community Feedback sessions will close at the end of February. 

This will allow us to collate the information you’ve submitted and consider it in our future planning. Also in the next Newsletter edition, we will also be introducing a section where we will respond to your frequently asked questions.

Your comments and suggestions will always be welcome. We know you want to help us make Tranby truly great.

If you haven’t already please give us your feedback at or email us on .