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24th May 2024 (Week 6 Term 2)

30th May – ACC Cross Country

31st May – Student Free Day

3rd June – WA Day Public Holiday

7th June – Principal’s Coffee Morning, Brother of Mine – 7am-9.30am

20th June – 3 Way Conferences – PP – Year 12 – 4pm-7pm

20th June – IPSHA Winter Carnival – 7.30am-3.15pm

21st June – 3 Way Conferences – PP – Year 12 – 9am-3pm

Important Dates

From the Principal

Ms Emily Goforth

Last week, I had the privilege of attending the Australian Heads of Independent Schools New Members Conference held in Canberra. It was a fantastic gathering of educational leaders, marked by insightful presentations, valuable information sessions, and networking opportunities.

One of the highlights of the conference was the opportunity to hear from long-serving heads of independent schools. These seasoned leaders shared the wisdom they have accumulated over the years, offering guidance on navigating the complexities of school leadership. Their anecdotes and advice were not only enlightening but also deeply motivating, reinforcing the idea that our journey of educators and leaders is one of continuous growth and learning.

The conference provided crucial information on legal and financial matters pertinent to our roles. Expert speakers broke down complex topics, helping us understand the latest regulations, compliance requirements, and financial strategies. This knowledge is exceptionally important as we strive to maintain the highest standards of governance and financial stewardship in our College.

Perhaps one of the most rewarding aspects of the conference was the opportunity to connect with other principals. Sharing experiences, challenges, and successes with peers from across the country fostered a sense of camaraderie and mutual support. These interactions highlighted the importance of collaboration and the sharing of best practices in our efforts to provide the best possible education for our students.

Although I have always been an advocate of the importance of lifelong learning, this conference served as a poignant reminder of this fact. As educators, we often emphasise this principle to our students, but it is equally vital for all in the College community including staff and students.

For our students, lifelong learning means developing a love for discovery that continues well beyond the Tranby gates. We strive to instil in them the skills and curiosity needed to navigate an ever-changing world. However, this journey does not stop with our students. Our staff and parents also play a crucial role in modelling and promoting the values of lifelong learning.

For our dedicated staff, ongoing professional development is essential. By staying updated with the latest educational strategies, technological advancements, and regulatory changes, our educators can provide the highest quality of education. Workshops, conferences, and further studies are all part of this continuous learning process, ensuring that our teaching methods remain dynamic and effective.

Parents are our partners in education, and your engagement is vital to our students’ success. Encouraging parents to be active participants in the learning process not only supports their children but also fosters a culture of learning within families.

Creating a culture of lifelong learning within Tranby College involves everyone. It means encouraging curiosity, promoting continuous improvement, and celebrating the achievements of all learners, whether they are students, staff, or parents. By committing to this shared vision, we strengthen our community and ensure that Tranby College remains a place where learning is celebrated and valued at every stage of life.

Together, we can cultivate an environment where everyone feels empowered to pursue knowledge and achieve their full potential.


Deputy Principal

Mr Anthony Britza

As we navigate the complexities of modern parenting and education, one of the most challenging decisions we face is when to introduce mobile phones to our children, particularly those in upper primary to Year 12. This decision is nuanced, requiring careful consideration of the potential benefits and drawbacks. At Tranby College, we respect the autonomy of parents in making this choice, and we aim to provide you with balanced information to support your decision-making process.

The Pros and Cons of Mobile Phone Usage

Mobile phones have become ubiquitous in our daily lives, offering numerous advantages. For older students, mobile phones can enhance learning by providing access to educational resources and facilitating communication with peers and teachers. They can also offer a sense of security, allowing students to contact parents or guardians in emergencies. Additionally, as students prepare for adulthood, learning to manage mobile phone usage responsibly is an essential skill that will help them balance various commitments in the real world.

However, the introduction of mobile phones to younger students, particularly those in primary school, presents significant challenges. Research by social psychologist Jonathan Haidt highlights the correlation between early mobile phone usage and increased anxiety and depression among adolescents. Mobile phones can be a source of distraction, hindering academic performance and reducing face-to-face social interactions. Furthermore, exposure to social media at a young age can amplify peer pressure and negatively impact self-esteem.

Supporting Each Other as a Community

One effective strategy to mitigate the pressures associated with mobile phone usage is fostering open communication among parents. By discussing mobile phones with the parents and guardians of your child’s friends, you can collectively set boundaries that reduce peer pressure. This collaborative approach helps ensure that children understand the reasons behind these decisions, promoting a supportive and cohesive community environment.

Tranby College’s Approach to Mobile Phones

At Tranby College, we respect the diverse decisions parents and guardians make regarding mobile phone usage. However, our policies are designed to create an environment conducive to learning and personal growth. For our younger students, we do not permit mobile phone usage during school hours. This policy encourages children to engage in play, develop interpersonal skills, and immerse themselves fully in the school experience.

For our younger Senior School students, mobile phone usage is not permitted during school hours. This policy is designed to enhance their social skills and support the development of their individual personalities and identities. At a recent conference I attended, Professor Donna Cross, one of Australia’s leading researchers on children’s and adolescents’ health and wellbeing, emphasised that positive social relationships are a key predictor of a healthy life.

For our older Senior School students, specifically those in Years 11 and 12, we allow limited mobile phone access by permitting them to check their phones in their lockers during recess and lunch times. This policy is intended to help older students accommodate essential communications, such as messages from work, while also learning to balance their commitments and manage their time effectively, preparing them for life beyond school.


Ultimately, the decision of when to introduce a mobile phone to your child is a personal one, and we are here to support you in making the best choice for your family. We encourage you to consider both the benefits and potential risks, engage in open dialogue with other parents and guardians, and establish guidelines that align with your family’s values.

At Tranby College, our goal is to provide a nurturing environment where every student can thrive. By working together, we can help our children navigate the complexities of mobile phone usage and develop into well-rounded, responsible individuals.


Head of Senior School

Ms michelle ribeiro

It is hard to believe we are in May already. The year is flying by, and the Senior School is a hive of activity with a multitude of events and activities lined up to enrich our educational journey and foster a sense of camaraderie among our students.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s to come in the Senior School:

YEARS 7-12 – Gear up for a day of spirited athleticism and teamwork as our Senior School students take to the tracks for the annual Inter-house Cross Country event on 15th May. It’s not just about running; it’s about determination, perseverance, and cheering on your fellow classmates. Let’s lace up our running shoes and make this event a memorable one!

YEAR 11 AND 12 STUDENTS – It’s time to put your knowledge and skills to the test as the examination period commences on 20th – 28th May. This is your chance to showcase all that you’ve learned throughout the year. Remember, preparation is key, and we have every confidence in your abilities to excel.

YEAR 10 STUDENTS – your time has come to demonstrate your academic prowess as you sit for your exams on 28th and 29th of May. Stay focused, stay calm, and remember that these exams are a stepping stone towards your future success.

YEAR 11’S – Get ready to dance the night away at the much-anticipated Year 11 Dinner Dance on 30th May, set against the stunning backdrop of The Cruising Yacht Club of WA. It’s an evening of elegance, laughter, and creating unforgettable memories with friends and classmates. Be sure to mark your calendars for this spectacular event and register your attendance through the Paperly email!

YEAR 12 STUDENTS – Prepare for a rejuvenating retreat at Point Walter from 12th – 14th June. This retreat offers a valuable opportunity for self-reflection, bonding with peers, and gearing up for the challenges ahead. Stay tuned for further details on this enriching experience.

We encourage all students to actively participate in these events, embrace every opportunity for growth and enrichment, and continue to uphold the values of our school community. Together, let’s make the remainder of the academic year truly memorable!


Deputy Head of Senior School

Mrs Sally Case

Term 2 and 3 Winter Uniform

The Uniform Shop is open on Wednesday 10th April from 8am -1pm for you to purchase any winter uniforms you may need. A reminder that Year 10-12 students are required to wear a Tie and Blazer for Terms 2 and 3.

Seizing opportunities

On the 26th March I had the pleasure of attending the graduation of two of our Year 10 students from the KIC iSCIENCE Project. The students had worked with many students from other schools over a three week period to learn more about STEM careers in the local area. They chose to seize the opportunities offered, and new experiences, connections and insights were their reward.

There are a lot of opportunities offered to students at Tranby College. Every opportunity can be seen as a chance for personal growth and as an invitation to learn, develop new skills and expand horizons.

Seizing these opportunities can provide a ripple effect when others are also inspired to try new things. This is always witnessed at House events, when a student steps out of their comfort zone to represent their House. The ripple effect is massive and from that one act, the underdogs can become winners!

Sometimes opportunities may appear from unexpected sources, and these may provide surprising outcomes. There are students currently rehearsing for their first musical production, learning a new language, or trying a new sport. Each student has been prepared to take on a new challenge and I am sure they are finding their journey enjoyable.

Next term, I hope that all students seize the opportunities on offer, even if they may seem challenging at the start, and fully embrace their personal journey.

Have a safe and happy Easter.


Head of Junior School

Mrs Cheryl Taylor

Learning opportunities beyond the classroom

Our Junior School students have returned this term with a sense of enthusiasm and a readiness for learning.

Kindergarten attended their very first day of bush school this week and we are continually seeking opportunities to enrich the learning experiences for our students.

In this newsletter, the Year 6’s reflect on their camp. The camp enabled relationships between the students to build and strengthen. As our Year 6’s commence Term 2, the memories shared will form a significant part of the student’s final year in the Junior School.

Work continues this term on our Junior School production and our One Big Voice performers are busily practising. Both these events will occur in Term 3, and they are just examples of the opportunities provided beyond the classroom.

We are looking forward to the many other experiences that will be provided this term.

As we navigate the bustling landscape of Term 2, let us cherish each moment, celebrate each achievement, and embrace each challenge with determination and optimism. Together, we will continue to inspire, empower, and nurture the bright minds and boundless potential within our school community.

Here’s to a Term 2 filled with growth, learning, and memorable experiences!


Deputy Head of Junior School

Mr Ben Viviers

One Big Voice and Year 1 Assembly

One Big Voice is Australia’s largest children’s choir boasting over 7000 students from across Western Australia. We are very excited to have our very own inaugural One Big Voice choir from Tranby College join in 2024. Earlier in this term, our students performed the theme song ‘One Big Voice’ written by Donna Marwick-O’Brien, and last week the choir showcased their talents once again at the Year 1 assembly by delivering a stirring rendition of Coldplay’s ‘Yellow’. I would like to take this opportunity to say that these students should be extremely proud of their efforts, and I would also like to thank Mrs Morrison for her efforts.

Our Year 1 students delved into the theme of Friendship and explored the qualities of being a good friend. Both staff and students wholeheartedly embraced the theme, dressing impeccably to set the tone. They skillfully demonstrated their talents through song and shared the touching story of The Rainbow Fish, emphasising the importance of sharing. This narrative serves as a reminder of how sharing can enhance our happiness, despite its occasional challenges, and how it can affect both others and ourselves.

Mrs Barber revealed that Karla was the Champion House of the PP – Year 6 Inter-house Cross Country for a second consecutive year, while Marra has been awarded SPUD, the spirit bear, in recognition of their outstanding support for their house. I would also like to congratulate all of our individual champions, who will be representing us in the upcoming IPSHA Cross Country event on Friday 24th May. Go Tranby! –

Year 5 Zoo Excursion

On Friday 10th May, our Year 5 students had an exciting outing to the Perth Zoo. Despite initial concerns about the weather, I felt reassured just before we set off that we would miss the rain, and indeed, we were greeted by clear blue skies throughout the day, without a single drop of rain. Due to the forecasted weather, it almost seemed like we had the zoo all to ourselves, allowing our students the chance to closely observe various animals. They were able to study how these creatures’ traits and behaviours contribute to their survival in their respective habitats. The zookeepers engaged our students in interactive activities as well as some hands-on experiences with an African spurred tortoise. Thank you to all staff and parent helpers, who have made this outing successful.

As we reach the halfway point of Term 2, I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all our parents and carers for their support. Your involvement and encouragement play a crucial role in the success of our students. Together, we continue to create a nurturing environment where each child can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. Your partnership is invaluable, and I look forward to our continued collaboration in the journey ahead.



The afterschool baking for Rockingham Coastal District Care Centre commenced on Thursday 9th May. Every fortnight on a Thursday afternoon students will kindly volunteer their time to prepare muffins to be donated to the needy in our community. It was lovely to have such enthusiastic and willing helpers to ensure this can occur.


Student Achievements

Tranby Students named in the School Sport WA 12’s State Cricket Team to attend the National Championships.

Over the weekend School Sport WA named the final 12’s State Cricket Team to attend the National Championships in Adelaide, in November this year. Two of our High Performance Cricket students gained selection. Jesse Diamanti has been named in the 13-man squad to attend the Championships and Asher Varkey has been named as a non-travelling train-on player.

What an outstanding achievement by both Jesse and Asher, congratulations.

Senior School Inter-house Swimming


Our champion swimmers were announced recently. Due to the Anzac Day assembly earlier in the term, we were unable to award these in front of the whole school. Instead, swimmers were congratulated and awarded their medals by their Heads of Houses in the House assemblies. It was an opportunity for each House to individually recognise their own champion swimmers who represented both their House in the Inter-house Carnival and the school at the ACC Carnival. Swimmers accumulated points across both carnivals and as such are deserving of being awarded Champion Swimmer.

Congratulations to all swimmers below:

Year 7 Girls – Champion – Alayla Schmid (Karla), Runner Up – Heidi White (Budjar)
Year 7 Boys – Champion – Reuben Barker (Bilu), Runner Up – Luca Mathers (Karla)
Year 8 Girls – Champion – Emily Vaughan (Karla), Runner Up – Mackenzie Robertson (Budjar)
Year 8 Boys – Champion – Will Hughes (Budjar), Runner Up – Troy Rocke (Budjar)
Year 9 Girls – Champion – Imogen McRae (Karla), Runner Up – Laylah Cuvalo (Budjar)
Year 9 Boys – Champion – Tyson O’Brien (Karla), Runner Up – Carter O’Donnell (Budjar)
Year 10 Girls – Champion – Abigail Vaughan (Karla), Runner Up – Charleigh Izzard (Bilu)
Year 10 Boys – Champion – Toby Hughes (Budjar), Runner Up – Tarick Wilson (Bilu)
Year 11 Girls – Champion – Tammy Cameron (Bilu), Runner Up – Imogen Barker (Bilu)
Year 11 Boys – Champion – Jamie McRae (Karla), Runner Up – Lucas Helwig (Karla)
Year 12 Girls – Champion – Tess Rogers (Bilu), Runner Up – Hannah Awang (Karla) & Naomi Newland (Bilu)
Year 12 Boys – Champion – Ivan Irau (Bilu), Runner Up – Matthew Gaskell (Budjar)


Senior School Inter-house Cross Country

Last Wednesday the entire senior school gathered on the oval to take part in the 2024 Tranby Cross Country. The 4km course is set out on the outskirts of the campus and sees students take on footpaths, oval spaces and the dreaded hills. The girls set off first on what was a beautiful day. In year group waves, the runners left the oval to tackle the course. As the last wave of boy’s were set to start we saw some our first wave girls enter back into the college which drew some cheering and impressed looks from the departing group of boy’s.

As is always the case at Tranby, the emphasis of the day was all about participation. In the lead up to the event there were a lot of nervous students doubting their abilities and it was unreal to see these students cross the line. No matter how long it took or if they walked, for those students to finish a 4km course is a huge achievement. Special acknowledgement goes to those students.

Congratulations to our Champions and Runner Ups below! Some absolutely blistering times recorded in what is a testing course. Our medal presentation will take place at an upcoming Senior School Assembly.

The top 6 from each year group have qualified for the ACC Cross Country team and will represent the school next Thursday at Perry Lakes Reserve. Details have gone out to those individuals via mentor teachers and email.

Year 7 Girls – Champion – Alayla Schmid (Karla), Runner Up – Eloise Krokosz (Marra)
Year 7 Boys – Champion – Luca Mathers (Karla), Runner Up – Daniel Newland (Bilu)
Year 8 Girls – Champion – Chelsey Francis (Budjar), Runner Up – Mackenzie Robertson (Budjar)
Year 8 Boys – Champion – Will Hughes (Budjar), Runner Up – Lachlan Morris (Budjar)
Year 9 Girls – Champion – Amber Fuller (Karla), Runner Up – Tahni Williams (Karla)
Year 9 Boys – Champion – Tyson O’Brien (Karla), Runner Up – Kayden Cooper (Karla)
Year 10 Girls – Champion – Ella Williamson (Marra), Runner Up – Charleigh Izzard (Bilu)
Year 10 Boys – Champion – Isaac Diamanti (Bilu), Runner Up – Declan Williams (Budjar)
Year 11 Girls – Champion – Lexie Clark (Marra), Runner Up – Rachael Algie (Karla)
Year 11 Boys – Champion – Ethan Izzard (Bilu), Runner Up – Corbin Conway-Mortimer (Budjar)
Year 12 Girls – Champion – Meisha Garrod (Marra), Runner Up – Erin Meuleman (Karla)
Year 12 Boys – Champion – Fynn Thompson (Bilu), Runner Up – Zavier Burrows (Karla)


Year 7 Basketball Carnival

On Monday 6th May, Tranby fielded a Year 7 Basketball team at the ACC Lightning Carnival held at Willetton Basketball Stadium. Schools across Perth participated in the event which promotes participation and team spirit.

Throughout the day, players showcased their skills and determination on the court. A feature of the event was the no scoring or finals which allowed players to play freely and enjoy the day instead of worrying about the results. Our students showed great teamwork and sportsmanship throughout the day.

The next event will be the RKAS Netball/Soccer One Day Carnival for Year 10-12 students will be held in Week 10. Students, stay tuned for sign up details.


Junior School Inter-house Cross Country

Congratulations to all our Junior School runners who participated in the annual Cross Country Carnival on Wednesday 15th May. It was a spectacular day filled with sunshine and smiles! Well, done to Marra for having the highest rate of participation in the Junior School and winning SPUD our spirit bear.

Thank you once again to all of the staff, students and parents involved.

Individual Results

Pre-primary Girls – Champion – Mikayla Osuji (Budjar), Runner Up – Lexie Small (Budjar)
Pre-primary Boys – Champion – Morgan Cowan (Marra), Runner Up – Josh Hans (Karla)
Year 1 Girls – Champion – Kobi Mathers (Karla), Runner Up – Elsie Austin (Budjar)
Year 1 Boys – Champion – Victor Field (Marra), Runner Up – Toby Lee (Budjar)
Year 2 Girls – Champion – Evelyn Waugh (Bilu), Runner Up – Eve McKechnie (Bilu)
Year 2 Boys – Champion – Conor Boden (Karla), Runner Up – Thomas Strang (Karla)
Year 3 Girls – Champion – Mia McLeod (Marra), Runner Up – Savanna Green (Karla)
Year 3 Boys – Champion – Benjamin Grant (Bilu), Runner Up – Seth Willems (Marra)
Year 4 Girls – Champion – Matilda Brumby (Marra), Runner Up – Joelene Andrawis (Bilu)
Year 4 Boys – Champion – Oliver Bennett (Bilu), Runner Up – Vincent Musiwa (Bilu)
Year 5 Girls – Champion – Indi Mathers (Karla), Runner Up – Stella McKenzie (Budjar)
Year 5 Boys – Champion – Benjamin King (Karla), Runner Up – Flynn Schmid (Karla)
Year 6 Girls – Champion – Olivia King (Karla), Runner Up – Alanza Dsouza (Budjar)
Year 6 Boys – Champion – Finley Smit (Karla), Runner Up – Jobie Martin (Marra)

New Record Holders

Congratulations to the following students for cementing their place in the history books (for now!).

Year 5 Boys 2.5km
Previous Record: 10:43.00 | Patrick Anderson 2022
New Record: 9:20.33 | Benjamin King 2024

Year 6 Girls 2.5km
Previous Record: 10:55.00 | Chanelle Maxwell 2022
New Record: 9:51.03 | Olivia King 2024

Junior School Results

1st Place – 226 points – Karla
2nd Place – 204 points – Marra
3rd Place – 180 points – Budjar
4th Place – 155 points – Bilu


IPSHA Cross Country Team

Congratulations to the following students on their selection in the 2024 IPSHA Cross Country Team. These students will represent Tranby in the Inter-school Cross Country Carnival at Guildford Grammar on Friday 24th May. Good luck and go Tranby!

Year 3

Mia McLeod, Savanna Green, Thea Krivda-Jones, Sachi Patel, Asees Virk, Adalyn Styler, Benjamin Grant, Seth Willems, Austin Suckling, Tyler Willems, Jesse Grubelich, Jesse Jason

Year 4

Matilda Brumby, Joelene Andrawis, Georgia Mason, Milly Lee, Charlotte Elliot, Gabrielle D’Cruz, Oliver Bennett, Vincent Musiwa, Alby Green, Kapish Sharma, Theo Kenny, Donovan Elbers

Year 5

Indi Mathers, Stella McKenzie, Stella Conrad, Tia Samuel-Oparah, Alexandra Grant, Manasa Mohan Kumar, Benjamin King, Flynn Schmid, Eithan McKechnie, Jacob Daoud, Oliver Brumby, Lavon Louw

Year 6

Olivia King, Alanza DSouza, Zoe Wallace, Mali Caruana, Ruby Blitz, Taylah Kosenburger, Finley Smith, Jobie Martin, Hunter Suckling, Max Heil, Maxwell Douglas, Ethan Urbano


Indonesian Visitor

We had a special visit from Indonesian language teaching expert Ibu Luh Sri Asih from the Big Language Centre in Bali. Ibu Luh Sriasih spent time with the Year 4 class discussing school culture in Indonesia. Students were fascinated by the similarities and differences between schools in Australia and Indonesia. The session concluded with some engaging language games. Terima kasih, Ibu Sri. Sampai jumpa lagi!


Library News

This year, both libraries will be participating in the Premier’s Reading Challenge. We had a wonderful response last year and are looking forward to as many students from across the College registering again for 2024.

The official website is now open, and students can begin to log the books they read.

The challenge is for students from Kindergarten to Year 10 to read 12 or more books in the period from May to September. Students can win some fantastic prizes, including book packs, Frank Green water bottles, Crocs vouchers and wireless headphones.
I look forward to assisting the students with their challenge goals over the next few months.

Jane Stanton – Teacher Librarian


From Monday 13th May to Wednesday 15th May, our students Harry Zapula, Cam Burford, and Jamie Morris embarked on an exhilarating journey into the world of trades at MPA Skills. Located at the Jandakot Campus, this unique Try-A-Trade program offered them the chance to explore two distinct trades, plumbing and painting, from 9:00am to 2:30pm each day.

MPA Skills stands as the largest trainer and employer of plumbing apprentices in Western Australia, with campuses in Maylands, Bayswater, and Jandakot. Their commitment to delivering pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs, license and registration courses, and post-trade training programs speaks volumes about their dedication to shaping skilled professionals for the industry.

Guided by experienced professionals, Harry, Cam, and Jamie seized the opportunity to delve into these trades, seeking to discover their career paths and acquire essential skills necessary for success in their chosen fields. Throughout the program, they were immersed in practical activities, gaining invaluable real-world experience under the mentorship of industry experts.

On Tuesday, Dom, the plumbing trainer, led the students through a comprehensive session encompassing mathematical measurement skills, cutting techniques, design principles, and testing procedures. One highlight of the day was the creation and testing of a sprinkler system, a hands-on exercise that not only honed their technical abilities but also provided them with a tangible takeaway to showcase their newfound skills.

As our students reflect on their time at MPA Skills, they emerge with a deeper understanding of the trades industry and a heightened sense of confidence in their capabilities. Whether they choose to pursue a career in plumbing, painting, or explore other avenues within the trades sector, the Try-A-Trade program has equipped them with the skills, knowledge, and inspiration to thrive in their chosen path.

We extend our sincere appreciation to MPA Skills for providing this enriching opportunity to our students. Their commitment to fostering exploration, skill development, and career readiness underscores their pivotal role in shaping the future of the trades industry. As our students return with newfound experiences and aspirations, they stand as shining examples of the transformative power of hands-on learning and vocational exploration.
Mrs Linda Dunhill


Community News

The Resilience Project presents, ‘Authentic Connection’ with Hugh van Cuylenburg

Dear Families,

As part of our 2024 partnership with The Resilience Project, you are invited to attend an ‘Authentic Connection’ live webinar with Hugh van Cuylenburg on Thursday 6th June, 4.30pm-5.30pm.

Hugh, who is also a parent of young children will talk about ways to support the mental health of your whole family. Through emotionally engaging stories and practical strategies, Hugh will demonstrate the power of vulnerability and imperfection and demonstrate the positive impact connection can have on all of us.


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Whilst attendance to the live webinar will provide you with the optimal experience, we appreciate that not all families will be available at the scheduled time. A recorded version of this webinar will be sent out to your early years service after the live event and will be available for two weeks.

Please note that the webinar will include parents from The Resilience Project’s other partnership services.

If you would like any further information about The Resilience Project, details can be found on their website:


Entertainment Book

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Lifeline WA Counselling Services

Lifeline provides a free counselling service for families going through separation and those who are bereaved by a family member. They provide counselling for primary school-age children, adolescents and adults and offer up to 12 sessions from their office located in Subiaco (zoom and phone sessions are also available for adults only).

Murdoch University After School Programs

The Murdoch University After School Program in Mathematics and Physical Sciences provides classes in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. For 2023 Term 1 we also have a Study Skills class running.

Each subject runs for 2 hours each week from 4:30pm to 6:30pm starting the second week of school term. Students are welcome to attend 1 to 3 times a week depending on their interests.

Please see the attached flyer for: