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10th May 2024 (Week 4 Term 2)

Important Dates

14th May – Careers & Pathways Expo – 5pm-7pm – Senior School Admin Building – Years 10-12

15th May – PP-Year 12 Inter-house Cross Country Carnival – 11am-3pm

17th May – Year 1 Assembly

21st May – Senior School Revealed Parent Information Session – 5.30pm-6.30pm

22nd May – Principals Coffee Morning – Steel Tree – 8am-10am

22nd May – Year 6 Taste of Senior School

23rd May – Year 5 Taste of Senior School

24th May – IPSHA Cross Country

30th May – ACC Cross Country

31st May – Student Free Day

3rd June – WA Day Public Holiday

From the Principal

Ms Emily Goforth

I am thrilled to share the success of our recent Senior School production of The Addams Family. Over the course of three evenings and one matinee performance, our talented students took the stage by storm, captivating audiences with their impressive portrayals of the well-known characters. The dedication and hard work of everyone involved made this production a memorable event that was exceptionally well attended.

The musical was a brilliant display of our students’ talents, with each performance leaving a lasting impression on the audience. We couldn’t be prouder of the professionalism and enthusiasm shown by all our cast and crew members. Their commitment to bringing this story to life is a testament to the vibrant and supportive environment we strive to cultivate here at Tranby.

I know that the rehearsals for the Junior School production are already well under way, and I look forward to seeing My Son Pinocchio JR next term! I wish all involved the best of luck as the hours of dedicated efforts come to fruition!

Additionally, I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all parents who participated in our Strategic Plan Workshops on Teaching and Learning in Term 1, and on Culture this term. Your active involvement plays a crucial role in creating a nurturing and collaborative atmosphere that benefits our entire school community. Information gained from these sessions allows us to have better insight into what is and is not working for the parents and students at the College, providing short and long term goals to work towards.

Your dedication helps us foster a supportive environment where all students and staff can thrive. As we continue to work together, we are confident that our collaborative efforts will contribute to even more successes in the future.

A quick reminder of dates for the remaining Strategic Plan Workshops and Coffee Mornings.

Coffee Mornings

Term 2
Wednesday 22nd May – 8am–10am – Steel Tree, Baldivis
Friday 7th June – 7am–9.30am – Brother of Mine, Baldivis

Term 3
Wednesday 14th August – 8am–10am – Steel Tree, Baldivis
Friday 6th September – 7am–9.30am – Brother of Mine, Baldivis

Term 4
Wednesday 30th October – 8am–10am – Steel Tree, Baldivis
Friday 15th November – 7am–9.30am – Brother of Mine, Baldivis

Strategic Plan Workshops

Term 3
Monday 2nd September – 9am–10.30am AND 6pm–7.30pm – Staff Lounge

Term 4
Tuesday 12th November – 9am–10.30am AND 6pm–7.30pm – Staff Lounge

Please remember to RSVP to for the Strategic Plan sessions. RSVPs are not required for the Coffee Mornings, come and go as you please.

Thank you for being such an integral part of our College’s journey. As the countdown is on until the opening of the new childcare centre, there is a lot to look forward to across the remainder of the year and I forward to being able to share more exciting projects and opportunities over the coming months.

I would like to wish all our Mums and Grandmothers a relaxing and enjoyable Mothers Day.


Deputy Principal

Mr Anthony Britza

Celebrating Success and Fostering Growth Through Co-curricular Activities

It’s crucial to recognise how our co-curricular and extra-curricular programs play a fundamental role in fostering a dynamic and enriching environment for our students. These initiatives extend beyond the regular academic curriculum to support a well-rounded education, encouraging both personal growth and academic success.

Spotlight on Performing Arts: The Addams Family

Our Senior School recently lit up the stage with their outstanding production of “The Addams Family,” brilliantly directed by Ms Erin Hutchinson, our esteemed Director of Performing Arts. A huge shout-out to all the students and staff involved—your dedication has brought our community together in a wonderful celebration of the performing arts.

The production was not only a showcase of our students’ talents but also an opportunity for them to develop and showcase their abilities. Being part of such a high-quality show teaches valuable life skills such as confidence, teamwork, and resilience. It’s clear that the world of theatre has a transformative power on our students.

The Value of Co-curricular Engagement

Participation in activities outside the classroom is essential for nurturing well-rounded individuals. Here are several key benefits of such engagement:

Academic Enhancement: Students involved in extra-curricular activities often experience a positive impact on their academic performance. Skills developed in these activities, like time management and increased motivation, are directly transferable to their studies.

Social Skills: Engaging in sports, clubs, and arts provides vital social interactions, helping students forge strong relationships and enhance their communication skills.

Psychological Wellbeing: Active participation in various activities offers an outlet for students to express themselves and unwind, which is crucial for mental health.

Future Prospects: Participation in diverse activities enriches college applications and job prospects, showing a student’s ability to juggle multiple responsibilities and engage effectively in community and team settings.

Improved Student-Teacher Relationships: Co-curricular activities create environments where students and teachers interact differently, fostering deeper respect and understanding, thereby enriching the educational journey.


Head of Senior School

Ms michelle ribeiro

It is hard to believe we are in May already. The year is flying by, and the Senior School is a hive of activity with a multitude of events and activities lined up to enrich our educational journey and foster a sense of camaraderie among our students.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s to come in the Senior School:

YEARS 7-12 – Gear up for a day of spirited athleticism and teamwork as our Senior School students take to the tracks for the annual Inter-house Cross Country event on 15th May. It’s not just about running; it’s about determination, perseverance, and cheering on your fellow classmates. Let’s lace up our running shoes and make this event a memorable one!

YEAR 11 AND 12 STUDENTS – It’s time to put your knowledge and skills to the test as the examination period commences on 20th – 28th May. This is your chance to showcase all that you’ve learned throughout the year. Remember, preparation is key, and we have every confidence in your abilities to excel.

YEAR 10 STUDENTS – your time has come to demonstrate your academic prowess as you sit for your exams on 28th and 29th of May. Stay focused, stay calm, and remember that these exams are a stepping stone towards your future success.

YEAR 11’S – Get ready to dance the night away at the much-anticipated Year 11 Dinner Dance on 30th May, set against the stunning backdrop of The Cruising Yacht Club of WA. It’s an evening of elegance, laughter, and creating unforgettable memories with friends and classmates. Be sure to mark your calendars for this spectacular event and register your attendance through the Paperly email!

YEAR 12 STUDENTS – Prepare for a rejuvenating retreat at Point Walter from 12th – 14th June. This retreat offers a valuable opportunity for self-reflection, bonding with peers, and gearing up for the challenges ahead. Stay tuned for further details on this enriching experience.

We encourage all students to actively participate in these events, embrace every opportunity for growth and enrichment, and continue to uphold the values of our school community. Together, let’s make the remainder of the academic year truly memorable!


Deputy Head of Senior School

Mrs Sally Case

Term 2 and 3 Winter Uniform

The Uniform Shop is open on Wednesday 10th April from 8am -1pm for you to purchase any winter uniforms you may need. A reminder that Year 10-12 students are required to wear a Tie and Blazer for Terms 2 and 3.

Seizing opportunities

On the 26th March I had the pleasure of attending the graduation of two of our Year 10 students from the KIC iSCIENCE Project. The students had worked with many students from other schools over a three week period to learn more about STEM careers in the local area. They chose to seize the opportunities offered, and new experiences, connections and insights were their reward.

There are a lot of opportunities offered to students at Tranby College. Every opportunity can be seen as a chance for personal growth and as an invitation to learn, develop new skills and expand horizons.

Seizing these opportunities can provide a ripple effect when others are also inspired to try new things. This is always witnessed at House events, when a student steps out of their comfort zone to represent their House. The ripple effect is massive and from that one act, the underdogs can become winners!

Sometimes opportunities may appear from unexpected sources, and these may provide surprising outcomes. There are students currently rehearsing for their first musical production, learning a new language, or trying a new sport. Each student has been prepared to take on a new challenge and I am sure they are finding their journey enjoyable.

Next term, I hope that all students seize the opportunities on offer, even if they may seem challenging at the start, and fully embrace their personal journey.

Have a safe and happy Easter.


Head of Junior School

Mrs Cheryl Taylor

Learning opportunities beyond the classroom

Our Junior School students have returned this term with a sense of enthusiasm and a readiness for learning.

Kindergarten attended their very first day of bush school this week and we are continually seeking opportunities to enrich the learning experiences for our students.

In this newsletter, the Year 6’s reflect on their camp. The camp enabled relationships between the students to build and strengthen. As our Year 6’s commence Term 2, the memories shared will form a significant part of the student’s final year in the Junior School.

Work continues this term on our Junior School production and our One Big Voice performers are busily practising. Both these events will occur in Term 3, and they are just examples of the opportunities provided beyond the classroom.

We are looking forward to the many other experiences that will be provided this term.

As we navigate the bustling landscape of Term 2, let us cherish each moment, celebrate each achievement, and embrace each challenge with determination and optimism. Together, we will continue to inspire, empower, and nurture the bright minds and boundless potential within our school community.

Here’s to a Term 2 filled with growth, learning, and memorable experiences!


Deputy Head of Junior School

Mr Ben Viviers

With Term 2 well underway there are still so many engaging events and activities lined up for everyone.

On Wednesday 15th May our Pre-primary to Year 12 Inter-house Cross Country Carnival is set to take place. Stay tuned for more details from the College as we gear up to showcase the Tranby House spirit with gusto!

Our many cocurricular activities are in full swing, with our Kindergarten students immersing themselves in the wonders of nature through the Nature Program. If you happen to pass by on Tuesday mornings, you might just hear howling across the road as they explore and discover. On Friday 10th May, our Year 5 students will embark on an educational excursion to the Perth Zoo. During this visit, they will not only enjoy a day filled with excitement and exploration but also delve into the fascinating topic of Animal Adaptations, aligning with the Australian Curriculum.

This week the Junior School hosted its annual Mother’s Day stall, offering a variety of gifts for students to select from. We were also delighted to announce that a special Mother’s Day Hamper, generously donated by Hon. Reece Whitby MLA, found its lucky winner.

Congratulations to Eithan McKechnie for winning the raffle. Thank you to all staff and parent helpers for making this day possible. To all our Tranby mums we hope that you have a wonderful day on Sunday!

Amidst all the excitement, let’s not forget to pause and refocus on our Personal Goals set at the beginning of the year. As we approach the end of this term, students will receive their Semester 1 Progress Reports. During the recent Year 3 Assembly, I encouraged students to prioritise their goals and seek guidance from their teachers on the necessary steps to achieve them. I am confident that with dedication and perseverance, success is within their reach.

A heartfelt thank must go out to our Year 3 students for their reminder about the power of kindness during their assembly last Friday. Let’s not underestimate the impact that kindness can have on an individual’s life. If we strive to make our school a place where kindness and respect shine brightly every single day, together, let’s continue to spread positivity and compassion within our school community.

I hope that everyone has a relaxing weekend ahead.


2025 Scholarships are now OPEN

To apply please click on the following link Scholarships, where you will find the full details of the Scholarships we are offering on our website:

  • Fulfilling Futures Scholarship Application Form
  • Academic Scholarship Application Form
  • Spirit of Tranby Scholarship Application Form – Internal Applicants only
  • First Nations Scholarship Application Form – open all year round.

Please note that Scholarship Applications are due by 4:00pm on Thursday 23rd May 2024, with the exception of First Nations Scholarships.


TASS - Parent/Guardian Personal Details

Parents/Guardians, If you have any changes to your personal details ie. your phone numbers and email addresses, please remember to update them in the TASS Parent Lounge.

If you are having any log in issues with TASS, please email


Year 10-12 Careers Expo

We are holding a Careers and Pathways Expo for Year 10-12 families and students.

When: Tuesday 14th May 2024
Time: 5pm-7pm
Where: Downstairs in the SSAB at Tranby College

The Exhibitors attending are:

Careers and Job Advisor, College of Electrical Training, Construction Training Fund, Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, Health Science Hub, Murdoch University, Notre Dame University, South Metro TAFE, Tronox, MEGT and University of WA.

Senior School Reporting Update 2

The Power of Focused Feedback: Enhancing Student Growth

As a progressive school, it’s crucial to reflect on our practices and consider how we can best support our students’ learning journey. One area that has garnered attention recently is the evolution of our term reports. Let’s explore why this change is actually a positive step forward.

1. Streamlined Communication:
Our commitment to transparency remains unwavering. By focusing on key performance indicators, we’re streamlining communication without compromising the quality of information shared with parents. Clear, concise reporting ensures that parents receive the essential details they need to support their child’s growth.

2. Evidence-Based Insights:
Our reports are grounded in evidence. Each mark reflects a comprehensive assessment of a student’s academic achievements, considering both formative and summative assessments. By emphasising marks, we prioritise the objective evidence of learning. Parents can trust that the assigned mark accurately represents their child’s performance.

3. Ratings of Learning Behaviours:
In addition to academic marks, our reports now include ratings of learning behaviours. These ratings provide insights into a student’s work habits, collaboration skills, and engagement levels. They offer guidance to parents on how to support positive changes that promote learning and improve student achievement.

4. Empowering Student Ownership:
Marks and behaviour ratings encourage students to take ownership of their learning. They become active participants in understanding their progress. When a student receives a mark or behaviour rating, it becomes a catalyst for self-reflection. Questions arise: “What did I do well?” and “How can I improve?” This shift empowers students to seek out specific feedback from teachers, fostering a growth mindset.

5. Timeliness and Efficiency:
In our fast-paced world, timely feedback matters. By focusing on marks and behaviour ratings, we expedite the reporting process. Teachers can allocate more time to providing targeted feedback during class, where it matters most. Students receive immediate insights into their performance, allowing them to adjust their strategies promptly.

6. Celebrating Progress:
Let’s celebrate the positive! Our reports highlight areas of strength and growth. By emphasising marks and behaviour ratings, we underscore achievements and encourage students to build upon their successes. Parents can celebrate their child’s progress without getting lost in the minutiae of comments.

As we embrace this change, remember that our commitment to student success remains steadfast. By prioritising marks, behaviour ratings, and evidence-based reporting, we empower parents and students alike. Let’s continue to foster a collaborative learning environment—one where feedback is purposeful, timely, and focused on growth.


Inter-school Equestrian Team

Over the recent school holidays, four of our extremely talented students represented Tranby College in the Equestrian Western Australia (EWA) Inter-school Championships.

Tamsin Cameron, Alexandra Vlasschaert, Tahni Williams, and Sophie Ikenushi travelled to the State Equestrian Centre to compete on their horses in the Combined Training event. The riders competed in dressage and show jumping, demonstrating their skill, precision, and teamwork between horse and rider.

A huge congratulations to all four riders for their efforts and to Miss Spice for supporting the students!


Year 5 and 6 Circus Show

In the last two weeks, Year 5 and Year 6 students have been busy in Performing Arts rehearsing and performing their Circus Acts to eager audiences. Students from Kindy to Year 3 have supported the upper school classes by coming along to laugh, clap and enjoy the antics of the performers. It’s been great to see the enthusiasm and engagement with both the performing students and the audience classes. Very pleasing also to see the skills developed by students with their circus equipment.


Golden Mic Award

Term 2 has been successful with many musical projects underway. We would like to introduce Alexandra who has been awarded the ‘Golden Mic’ Award for Service. Alexandra demonstrates her Service and Commitment being a valuable member of Tranby Colleges inaugural One Big Voice Choir, Junior School Vocal Ensemble and Junior School Choir. Alexandra has been awarded solo and speaking parts in recognition of her service and excellence in vocals. Congratulations Alexandra!

We would like to introduce Elodie, who has been awarded the ‘Golden Mic’ award for Commitment. Elodie has displayed commitment and responsibility towards her practice whilst preparing for a solo audition for One Big Voice. The way Elodie displayed her commitment was by following instructions and putting into practice all the key areas we were looking for in a soloist such as posture, timing, pitch, memory, and vocal expression. Elodie made it through to second round auditions. Congratulations Elodie!


Entertainment Book

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Lifeline WA Counselling Services

Lifeline provides a free counselling service for families going through separation and those who are bereaved by a family member. They provide counselling for primary school-age children, adolescents and adults and offer up to 12 sessions from their office located in Subiaco (zoom and phone sessions are also available for adults only).

Department of Education

Career Conversations – Pathways and Opportunities 2024

Information Sessions for families – please open the following link to book in: Career Conversations Flyer

Murdoch University After School Programs

The Murdoch University After School Program in Mathematics and Physical Sciences provides classes in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. For 2023 Term 1 we also have a Study Skills class running.

Each subject runs for 2 hours each week from 4:30pm to 6:30pm starting the second week of school term. Students are welcome to attend 1 to 3 times a week depending on their interests.

Please see the attached flyer for: