UnitingCare West

UnitingCare West Student Forum - 'Be the change'

Ten students from Years 10 - 11 were offered an exciting opportunity to attend the UnitingCare West, Uniting Church Schools Student Forum, 'Be the Change.'

As a Uniting Church School, we are in a very fortunate and unique position to be part of a wider connected network, all aiming to achieve social justice. One of the key aims of the forum was to begin the process of linking the five Uniting Church Schools as a united force to work together on a larger platform.

This year the event was by far a step up from the previous event held in 2015, with a visit from Dan Morrell, Organisational Psychologist and Maria Usher, Team Leader from Wyn Carr House - women's refuge. We were also fortunate enough to hear first hand from a client of Wyn Carr House who with the support from staff at UnitingCare West, has been able to take control of her life after years of experiencing domestic violence. This was the first time this very special client had shared her extraordinary and powerful story of survival and determination.

The students finished the day feeling very inspired and motivated about 'being the change.' This workshop is a precursor to the Winter Appeal, which will be launched at the College in Week 8. We will contribute once again this year by donating pre loved jeans, canned food items, jackets and blankets. Information will be released in the upcoming weeks, on ways in which our community members can become involved.

Fundraising and Donations for UnitingCare West

As part of the Year 10 Service Learning Programme at Tranby College, a group of students were assigned the task of creating stationary packs for children in foster care through UnitingCare West. By using fundraised proceeds, these students were able to purchase a range of stationary items suitable for school aged children who reside in UnitingCare West family group homes, across the city of Perth. They also made a range of resources and activities to supplement the learning of the children in the programme.

Last Thursday, the latest group of students about to embrace this project were fortunate enough to meet the Education Officer from UnitingCare West and Case Manger from the Futures (foster care) programme at UnitingCare West. They ran an insightful workshop with the students and collected the impressive packs that were made last term. These will now be distributed among the children in various foster homes.

Additional to this, TAP members worked very hard last term on a pre loved stationary drive. This saw a portion of the contributions make their way overseas to Indonesia whilst various other donations were given to UnitingCare West. These will now be distributed amongst their multiple services which engage school age children. Such a simple idea, yet such a profound impact! Well done to TAP members and Tranby families for their efforts and contributions.

All-in-all we were left with a positive outcome for all parties involved. Our day concluded with two very appreciative UnitingCare West staff and a group of very enthused and committed Year 10 students showing signs that they are ready to make a difference to the lives of young children in need.